Recently the Ecospeed coating system was applied on the scrubber pipes, outlets and diffusers of several oil tankers and a bulker. This demonstrates that Ecospeed is not only the best option for the underwater hull of a ship but can also be used for a wide range of other purposes. The result is a lasting, non-toxic protection against corrosion, cavitation and mechanical damage.
At the start of 2016 the inside of a scrubber was coated with Ecospeed for the first time and this on a roro ship in Landskrona, Sweden. The scrubber was located in one of the ballast tanks of the vessel. A lasting, chemical resistant coating was needed that could withstand the process of filtering out the hazardous pollutants of the exhaust gasses. 
Since then Ecospeed has been applied on scrubber systems regularly. Recently the scrubber pipes and outlets of three oil tanker and a bulker were protected with the coating system. Similar applications have been planned in the near future.
Because of the tight regulations on emissions in the shipping industry, the installation of an exhaust scrubber system has become increasingly widespread. This unfortunately has also led to an increase of corrosion damage on scrubber pipes and outlets which results in water ingress in the engine room, ballast tanks and cargo holds.
Ecospeed however is highly chemically resistant. Using the coating to protect the exterior outlets as well as the interiors of scrubbers will prevent corrosion damage and the resulting consequences.
There are also several other benefits that make Ecospeed the perfect choice.
The coating system is highly chemically resistant. Taking into account the nature of the process taking place inside the scrubber, this is essential for our customers.
Ecospeed lasts the lifetime of a vessel. No repaints will need to be scheduled during future dockings of the ship. This saves on time and money.
It is a true biocide-free solution. Independent research has proven that the coating is 100% toxin-free and that there is no negative effect on the water quality or the marine environment at any point of its application or use.
Ecospeed fits in seamlessly with the environmental idea behind scrubber systems. It is a lasting, chemically resistant coating that will withstand the hazardous pollutants and protect the scrubbers for the lifetime of the vessel.