On January 27, 2022, the KSK Grain Terminal, a part of DeloPorts, a stevedoring asset of Delo Group, received for loading a grain vessel NORAH with a capacity of a 120 thousand tons. It is the first vessel of such type to be received in the port of Novorossiysk.
The vessel was moored to the new deep-water berth 40A, which was launched in the summer of 2021. Specifications of the berth are fully conform to grain carriers of such class. According to plans, 95 thousand tons of grain will be loaded into NORAH for delivery to the Middle East.
The Agroindustrial Corporation ACT Company M, one of the key customers of KSK and one of the largest grain exporters in Russia, acts as a consignor.
Igor Yakovenko, the CEO of DeloPorts, commenting on the event, noted: “We were aiming at this result carrying out such a difficult and expensive reconstruction of the KSK Grain Terminal.
And today we are the first and so far the only asset in Russian Federation which can receive grain vessels of such carrying capacity - 100 thousand tons and more.
The NORAH mooring to 40A deep-water berth and the start of its loading were conducted in a regular mode, which means that we are ready to receive these vessels on a regular basis.
Thereby, we are absolutely prepare to provide our customers with the opportunity to use a large-tonnage fleet, taking into account the needs of the grain export market from the Russian Federation”.