In Russia, KSK, which is part of port stevedoring company DeloPorts, claims to have established a new annual record for grain handling. As of 28 December 2020, it had registered throughput on the year of five million tonnes of grain.
The company notes that this had been achieved in spite of the pandemic, which had required it to undertake a series of measure to protect its workforce. The surge in traffic is the result in the increased demand for cereals worldwide, resulting in more Russian exports being handled by the company.
Indeed, 2020 proved to be a record year all round, with the last two quarters seeing new records established for the daily unloading of wagons and also for monthly grain handling movements.
Alexander Trukhanovich, General Director of KSK, stressed that, throughout the year, the continuously changing situation often forced the company to adjust its plans on the fly, although did not prevent the terminal from posting record performances.