Krishnapatnam Port in India achieved a new benchmark by loading 60,021
metric tonnes of iron ore fines in just 24 hours surpassing its previous record
of 54,500 tonnes. The cargo was loaded in vessel Tian Li Hai by using the
conventional system of loading for ports in India.
The vessel called to the port on 12 April. Loading operations commenced
at 1620hrs and ended on 13 April at 1620hrs. The entire cargo of 88,000
tonnes was loaded into the vessel within 36 hours, thereby setting its
highest-ever loading record.
COSCO, whose vessel was loaded in record time, has expressed its
gratitude to the port management for its support and wished the port to set
further records.
The port will complete two years of operations in the next three months but
the volume of cargo handled at the port has almost doubled to 16.1mt (million
metric tonnes) of cargo for financial year ending 2009/10 compared with its
previous financial year’s figures of 8.2mt.
Such records further enhance Krishnapatnam port’s belief in faster turnaround
times and thereby creating value to itscustomers, in its quest to stand tall as the largest
port in India.