An automated kite system harnessing natural wind power for GHG reduction~ Introduction movie of “Seawing”, an automated kite system, was posted on “K” LINE’s YouTube channel.
“K” Line Environmental Vision 2050 sets forth the goals of improving CO2 emission GHG net-zero for 2050 by introducing actively more environmental-friendly fuelled vessels and various technology to preserve global environment. “
Seawing” reduces at least 20% in CO2 emissions. We are aiming to achieve 2030 goal by combining efforts low-carbon fuel and eco-friendly solution such as “Seawing”.
“Seawing” harnessing natural wind power and can be installed on any type of vessel, including existing ones, to all vessels. No energy production or supply facility is required. On July 20, we announced signing of technology development agreement to maximize the performance of “Seawing” by integrating “K” LINE’s ship operational technology with utilization of “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” and AIRSEAS’s “Seawing” development technology.
In the Medium-Term Management Plan which announced in May, we are committed to smoothly switch to other forms of energy for our company and society toward realization of a low carbon / de-carbonized society.We will continuously strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the society and global environment through the active collaborations and partnership with AIRSEAS..