JEM International, Inc. has supplied self-contained portable bagging systems for over 30 years. The majority of the systems have been used for handling grain, rice, and fertilizer bagging 50kg and 25kg open mouth bags. Other models are available for handling FIBC bags (one- tonne super sacks).

The design is based on two separate bag filling lines. Each line consists of a surge hopper to receive product via ship grabs, 80 gallon air compressor, digitally programmed controller, duplex net weigh bagging scale, bag closing system, bag closing conveyor, and additional transfer conveyors for loading bags directly onto trucks.

Each line is capable of 20 bags per minute, therefore a total of 40 bags per minute is obtainable with a single bag plant. This totals to 50 metric tonnes per hour for each line, or 100 metric tonnes per hour for a bag plant (based on 50kg bags).

The scales are CM780 duplex net weigh scales with tool- less entry and quick change components. For bag closing JEM uses industrial sewing heads from Union Special, Newlong Industrial, and Fischbein. All sewing heads are plate- mounted so that changeover to a spare sewing head can be accomplished in minutes. The original can then be repaired in a shop and not on-line thereby eliminating costly downtime. All of JEM International’s equipment is heavy duty, durable, and can withstand harsh environments.

The company’s bag plants are designed to operate off of shore power, ship power, or it can offer a generator to supply power as well. Once connected, the system is easy to operate. JEM’s systems come in three separate parts. One 5’ (1.524m) × 20’ (6.096m) surge hopper section; one 8.5’ (2.59m) × 20’ (6.096m) scale section; and one 8.5’ (2.59m) × 20’ (6.096m) conveyor and bag closing section. All three sections are assembled using Tandemloc corner locks for easy installation and disassembly for placement back into storage. Doors are supplied with inside bolts or padlocks to provide security when not in use, and internal lights for 24-hour operations.