Italian company Istop Spamat is a major force to be reckoned with in the ports of Bari and Molfetta in Italy, where it offers a range of services including: stevedoring; logistics; cargo handling; container handling with cargoes from around the world; loading and unloading of cargoes — including project cargo, palletized, bulk, containerized and liquid.

Istop Spamat works as a terminal operator, and provides services that satisfy the requirements of the law 84/94, which regulates harbour activities in Italy as well as activities related to stevedoring agencies which handle the cargoes on the dock and deliver them to the end customer.

Istop Spamat is constantly expanding its activities, buying new facilities and improving its efficiency. While it remains very active in the Port of Molfetta, the traffic at the port has reduced
due to the increasing size of vessels — some of these vessels are now using the Port of Bari
instead. Due to this development, Istop Spamat decided to offer its services also at the Port of
Bari, and has invested in new equipment: cranes, including the Link Belt LS 120; elevator trucks; and other port equipment.

The increased traffic at the Port of Bari — including more containers — has led to Istop Spamat planning significant investments in terms of loading and unloading equipment, and equipment for on-dock handling of cargoes.

In recent years, reductions in imports has led Istop Spamat to widen its range of services to enable customers at the Port of Bari to expand their own dealings with other ports in the southern Adriatic.

In a historical context that is favourable to the relaunching of the south of Italy, Istop Spamat’s well-organized business has meant that it has been able to turn to outside labour, thus increasing its efficiency and combining the speed of its services with its reasonable prices. The company now handles in excess of 1mt (million tonnes) of cargo a year, and the group aims to increase this turnover to 1.5mt every year.