The International Shipping Federation (ISF) has published a
special brochure to promote the International Maritime
Organization (IMO) ‘Year of the Seafarer’.
ISF Secretary General, Tony Mason, explained:
“As the principal international representative organization of
maritime employers, ISF has a deep interest in highlighting the
importance of this unique and highly skilled profession, and our
member national associations are keen to encourage due
recognition of the critical work performed by the world’s one
and a quarter million seafarers.”
The brochure explains ISF involvement in dealing with some
of the key challenges currently facing seafarers. It has been
published in advance of the IMO Diplomatic Conference which is
expected to adopt amendments to the International Convention
on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for
Seafarers (STCW), which was held in Manila in June.
“ISF will be representing global employers at the STCW
Conference and is confident that the changes agreed by
governments will further enhance the seafaring profession and
contribute to making it even safer.”
Mason continued: “Seafarers have much of which to be proud.
Shipping is both an industry imbued with history and tradition,
and at the same time a modern and dynamic enterprise. The
health of the global economy depends on raw materials and
finished goods being transported safely and efficiently. As about
90% of world trade is carried by sea it is ultimately the
commitment and professionalism of today’s seafarers which
ensures that society as a whole realizes the benefits which world
trade brings.”
ISF is the principal international maritime employers’
organization, founded in 1909. The membership of ISF comprises
national shipowners’ associations from 30 countries, representing
all sectors and trades in the global industry and over 75% of the
world merchant fleet.