intergroup is a recognized Italy-based company, which specializes in integrated logistics.

intergroup provides a wide and fully-integrated management for cargoes, along the whole logistic chain: marine terminal activities, transport, packaging, warehousing, handling of special cargo (for instance: windmills), handling and services for ferries, ro-ro and cruises, and therefore as a group, it offers a tailor-made service while keeping highly competitive prices.

Established in 1986, during its 26-year- long existence, intergroup has been logistic partner with leading national and international companies. intergroup handles for them industrial supply chains of several million tonnes of goods a year.

In a nutshell, the key strength of intergroup is its offer of a whole range of services, in order to build a ‘logistics package’ for its clients, activating its dedicated pool of employees in every department involved. Services provided from intergroup transport division cover national and international transport for every kind of goods delivering excellent services, while the marine terminal network, based in both the Port of Rome Civitavecchia and the Port of Gaeta (halfway between Rome and Naples, and experiencing a €95 million expansion plan), offers a wide range of stevedoring services and has both technologically innovative equipment and machines, and trustworthy and high-skilled human resources.


In December 2012, the Port of Gaeta, where the headquarters of intergroup are situated, received €35 million, thus becoming the fastest-growing port in Italy in 2013.

The new amount was released in order to further develop the first stage of expansion works, just concluded in 2012, at a cost of €65 million, which improved the draught up to 9 metres, and more than doubled the storage areas up to 400,000m2. At the end of the works, the new draught will be of 14 metres, so that even bigger vessels will be able to arrive at the port.

Gaeta specializes in the receipt and discharging of dry bulk materials, and therefore one of the core focuses of intergroup is the dry bulk: intergroup is in fact a main logistics player in various national supply chains for industrial companies receiving clinker, coke, sands, salt, fertilizers, sulphate, carbonate. intergroup is structured to offer loading, discharging and movement operations of raw materials and goods transported from ships as bulk cargo. Harbour activities are performed with specific means and equipment: the group directly owns four Gottwald cranes of 200, 100, 63 tonnes, Caterpillar bulldozers and Bobcats, hermetic grabs from 7 to 20 cubic metres, de-dusted hoppers, skid slides, suction cleaning machines.

In tight connection with harbour activity, there are the warehousing facilities. intergroup owns and runs eight warehouses on the national territory: a harbour warehouse in Gaeta (custom and VAT free); Formia, where packaging and others added-value services are provided; Sessa Aurunca for coal and other products related to the cement industry; the new foodstuff warehouse in Gaeta; the also new 20,000m2 wide

Distriport area in the heart of the Port area of Civitavecchia; the intermodal exchange area in Frosinone, connection point between flows of road-carried and railway-carried products, and the recently opened new warehouses on the Ionian coast.

Some of those warehouses are completely dedicated to bulk storage. Among them, the coal logistics plays a main role. In fact, one of the six warehouses mentioned above, is entirely dedicated to supporting the cement industry with all the raw material it needs for its production, such as petcoke, coal, iron oxide, ferrous sulphate, pozzolana: the Sessa Aurunca warehouse, just halfway between Rome and Naples, is a preferred hub for the just-in-time distribution for most of the major cement factories located in the centre/south part of Italy, such as Colacem, Italcementi, Cementir and many more.

The area completely reserved to coal flows is 70,000m2 wide. Five-metre- high cement walls are placed in the area in order to protect the product and to create different zones reserved to each client, keeping different coal qualities ideally separated. Coal is discharged at the Port of Gaeta by the intergroup marine terminal facilities, from vessels usually arriving from United States or South America, then carried into the Sessa Aurunca warehouse, stored and delivered just in time to factories, according to distribution plans.

According to the quality and green-oriented philosophy that drives the intergroup way, Sessa Aurunca coal warehouse is equipped with a system to minimize dusts, and all around the area there are high cement walls and lines of poplars. There is also a totally green system, equipped with highly sophisticated automated installations for depuration, filtering and recycling of water, a sub-irrigation system, a coconut-fibre drainage system with laser rays, a safe fire-fighting system and all the technologically advanced installations which guarantee the highest standards in this field. Last but not least 30% of the whole warehouse area is specifically dedicated to a poplar plantation to protect the outer environment from any contamination with the product.