Green awareness in the heavy machine market is being reflected
in the research and development of Finland-based Mantsinen
Group Ltd Oy. The company’s customers are becoming
increasingly aware of ‘green’ values, as well as operating costs.
These issues are taken very seriously at Mantsinen, especially
over the last few years, and particularly in light of the global
economic downturn during the last year.
In particular, demand is increasing for new-generation, low
operating cost hydraulic harbour cranes. Mantsinen has
developed new-generation models of diesel or electric powered
HybriLift® cranes. New Mantsinen 120 R HybriLift®, Mantsinen
160 ES HybriLift® and Mantsinen 200 R HybriLift® Heavy Lift
mobile hydraulic cranes are already in production ready to be
delivered to the customers. All models are based on Mantsinen
own-build HybriLift® base machines.
Mantsinen hydraulic cranes are also very popular in the coal
industry, and are used for unloading/loading railway wagons,
barges and ships. Using the appropriate size of Mantsinen crane
gives handling capacities of up to 1,000tph (tonnes per hour),
with a minimum investment and low operating costs.
Mantsinen cranes are also ideal for handling steel. The new
Mantsinen 200 R HybriLift® Heavy Lift model can handle a
greater load using less energy. This crane has a reach of 26
metres and a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tonnes from 18
metres, which gives extra boost to the productivity. Higher
lifting capacity makes it possible to handle steel coils weighing up
to 35 tonnes and because of the features of the HybriLift®, it is
possible to achieve this with a lower engine output. This means
that there is optimal machine functionality, giving lower operating
costs and more efficient loading and unloading ability.
Technical details for Mantsinen 200 R HybriLift® include:
  •   a maximum horizontal reach of 26–34m, depending on configuration;
  •   total weight of approximately 220–250 metric tonnes without attachment, depending on configuration;
  •   undercarriage height 4–12m, depending on configuration;
  •   engine: Caterpillar C18, Tier3, Power 522kW/1,800rpm;
  •   Mantsinen HybriLift® energy-saving system; and
  •   slewing ring three-row roller bearing, heavy duty model.
  •   access to all service points of engine and pumps from inside the upper structure;
  •   enclosed upper structure with several compartments;
  •   access to upper structure through sliding door;
  •   pumps and engine in separate compartments; and
  •   thermostat-controlled cooling fan in engine compartment.
  •   operator cab goes to a maximum eye level of 16m, with 9m undercarriage; and
  •   operator sits a maximum of 11m from the swing centre.
Functionality is also key factor when supplying efficient material
handling machines and hydraulic harbour cranes. Mantsinen
hydraulic harbour cranes can be delivered with wheeled, crawler,
rail or stationary application, diesel or electric powered making
the machine functional for every purpose.
Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy is an international supplier of
material handling machines and mobile hydraulic harbour cranes.
The company has a wide range of machines from 50 tonnes to
over 250 tonnes. It also supplies attachments for material
handling operations. Mantsinen is well known for its innovative
solutions which enable efficient material handling and excellent
working conditions for the operator.
The production plant of Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy is situated
in Finland. As well as Finland, Mantsinen Group has offices in
Russia, in Estonia and in Latvia. The group employs
approximately 450 people in machine manufacturing and in
logistic services.