Based in Nivelles, Belgium, VIGAN Engineering S.A. stands as a prominent figure in the bulk handling industry, boasting over 55 years of pioneering expertise. Renowned for its provision of handling solutions for dry bulk products, particularly focusing on agricultural commodities like cereals, the company has solidified its reputation as a reliable equipment provider. VIGAN’s extensive product portfolio includes grain pumps, pneumatic ship-unloaders, and turnkey solutions for complete port terminals. With an impressive 99% of its business exported, VIGAN has a strong global presence, with its equipment installed in ports around the world.
VIGAN’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets it apart in the industry. The company offers a range of equipment tailored to specific port requirements. Grain pumps, compact and mobile machines, offer exceptional efficiency with peak outputs of up to 250tph (tonnes per hour). These pumps provide rapid implementation without the need for heavy mechanical handling investments. Additionally, VIGAN’s gantries, available in pneumatic and mechanical variants, cater to different capacity needs, with pneumatic gantries capable of reaching 800tph and mechanical gantries achieving throughputs of up to 1,500tph.
Environmental issues are now a major concern and requirement in most projects.
VIGAN has successfully reduced power consumption through the implementation of multi-stage turbo blowers and inverter technology in pneumatic unloaders. These advancements allow for automatic power regulation based on demand, leading to more efficient energy usage.
Port equipment may be located in urban areas or near environmentally protected zones with strict noise regulations. Therefore, VIGAN has taken on the challenge of developing bulk handling equipment that meets stringent noise standards. Through thorough calculations, research, and on-site assessments, VIGAN has developed specialized expertise in creating noise mitigation systems for various components such as turbo sets, machine rooms, and suction pipes, ensuring compliance with noise regulations while maintaining effective operation.
VIGAN pneumatic suction technology also minimizes dust emissions. Its closed-circuit systems with overpressure filters keep dust contained, reducing emissions to around 3mg/m³.
Moreover, the current trend for VIGAN also leans towards pneumatic machines equipped with increasingly large unloading capacities.
VIGAN stands at the forefront of innovation once again, securing a landmark contract with SOSIPO for the installation of the world’s second pneumatic unloader boasting an impressive discharging capacity of 800tph. Mohamed El Khattabi, VIGAN’s sales director, expressed profound satisfaction, attributing this achievement to its longstanding partnership with SOSIPO, which spans over four decades. As a subsidiary of the National Interprofessional Office for Cereals and Legumes (ONICL), SOSIPO oversees cereal silos across multiple ports in Morocco. The decision to invest in a second 800tph pneumatic unloader underscores SOSIPO’s unwavering trust in VIGAN’s engineering prowess. El Khattabi commended the relentless efforts of VIGAN’s Research and Development Department in overcoming the technical challenges posed by such monumental projects. This latest endeavour marks the fourth VIGAN gantry to grace the port of Casablanca under SOSIPO’s management, reaffirming Morocco’s position as a global reference in the field.
Also recognizing the escalating demand for larger and more efficient grain intake near the capital, the port of Callao, Peru recently granted VIGAN the contract for two NIV800 machines. With a combined nominal capacity of 1,600tph, this represents the highest pneumatic unloading capacity at a single site in Latin America, rivalling the world record set in Morocco by SOSIPO. Dirk Janssens, Commercial Director at VIGAN, expresses pride in securing Peru’s confidence once again and emphasizes the company’s commitment to advancing technology for more substantial and eco-friendly cargo handling.
VIGAN, boasting a legacy spanning five decades, distinguishes itself as a pioneer in the design, manufacture, and assembly of cutting-edge machinery. The company’s vertical integration approach ensures complete control over every aspect of operations, from initial design and calculation to shipping. In contrast to some competitors heavily relying on subcontractors, VIGAN maintains a meticulous and hands-on process.
VIGAN’s commitment to delivering top-notch machinery is exemplified by its practice of pre-assembling and rigorously testing each machine in our factory. This meticulous care, from the initial design phase to commissioning, has been a cornerstone of VIGAN’s success.
While embracing new technologies, VIGAN remains cautious about the potential interference of sophisticated electronics in machine availability. The company prioritizes durability and availability to prevent the machine’s unavailability when needed the most. VIGAN stays vigilant, implementing new technologies only when proven durable and easy to use.
An exemplary demonstration of this dedication lies in the establishment of a specialized department solely focused on the design and production of electrical components. From essential electrical panels to intricate wiring systems, VIGAN’s unique feature sets it apart as the industry’s sole player with such a dedicated department. Since its inception, this department has experienced continuous growth, a testament to VIGAN’s unwavering pursuit of improvement. Integrated seamlessly within the company, this department epitomizes expertise in crafting top-tier electrical components. This expertise translates directly into the reliability and outstanding performance of VIGAN Engineering’s agribulk material unloaders.
As VIGAN introduces a new generation of continuous ship-unloaders with increased capacity, the company emphasizes the importance of maintaining durability and availability. Upscaling machine size involves addressing multiple parameters, including turbine size, piping diameters, air-lock sizes... VIGAN has successfully solved these challenges in the near past, showcasing its ability to adapt to evolving industry needs.
With over 50 years of solid experience and adherence to strict European standards, VIGAN stands as a reliable and innovative leader in the field. The company’s unwavering dedication to innovation, precision, and reliability has propelled it to the forefront of the industry. As VIGAN continues to push boundaries in pneumatic cargo handling, the recent projects in Peru and Morocco reaffirm its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.