Ingram Marine Group’s operating units are involved in
transporting bulk commodities on America’s inland
waterways, dredging sand, terminalling bulk commodities, and
delivering fuel and supplies to the towing industry. The largest
of the operating units is Ingram Barge Company, which
transports coal, aggregates, grain, fertilizer, ores, alloys, steel
and chemicals with a fleet of more than 100 towboats and
nearly 4,000 barges, the largest in the industry. Other units
include Ingram Materials (sand dredging), Custom Fuel
Services (diesel fuel and supplies), Triangle Fleet (ship
anchorage in Louisiana), and bulk commodities terminals in
Florida and Tennessee.
Ingram Barge Company has been named as one of the
first marine transportation companies to be accepted as a
partner in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)
SmartWay Program. The programme requires measuring the
environmental performance of a fleet, identifying goals for
improving environmental performance within three years,
submitting an action plan to the EPA within six months of
agreement to participate, and reporting progress to the EPA
annually. “It gives me great pleasure and pride to know that
Ingram has been recognized and accepted into the EPA’s
SmartWay Program as one of the first marine transportation
companies,” CEO Craig Philip said. “Ingram is proud to be on
the cutting edge of developing new policies and procedures
for marine transportation companies as they relate to the
environmental issues at hand. Barge transport is already the
greenest mode of bulk freight transport, and we will continue
to do all that we can to take care of our environment and
our associates.”