Indexator Rotator Systems, with more than 40 years' experience under its belt, has created an additional rotator range, XR. The recently developed test winner, which very quickly attracted great interest — especially from the construction industry — will be presented at the world’s biggest construction exhibition, Bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany.

“Taking part in Bauma — the world's biggest exhibition for construction equipment — is a step in the right direction toward meeting more customers within the construction industry,” says Erik Svensson, Sales and Marketing Manager. “We already have XR customers in market segments that are new to Indexator, which is a very exciting development. Bauma provides us with an opportunity to continue growing sales of XR rotators, especially to the construction industry,” continues Svensson.

In addition to the XR rotators, Indexator also launched an entirely new range of hose swivels in 2015 designated K100. The K100 is a cost-effective hose swivel offered for installation in any interface on the market.

“Our rigorous tests and extensive field trials provided incredibly positive results for both the XR rotators and K100 swivels. In many cases, both
products came first in 
comparison tests with competitors and competing solutions,” Svensson tells us. “In fact, our designers are more than a little proud of a couple of unique solutions that made it possible to meet and in many cases even exceed customer expectations.” Interest in the new product ranges has grown constantly over the past year and continued positive trends for both the K100 swivels and XR rotators are anticipated during 2016.


During Bauma, Indexator will be presenting its broad swivel K100 programme, but the major focus will be on the XR programme where visitors will be able to enjoy a preview of the latest model, the XR 300.

“To promote the company and show our news and broad product range at such a well-known and major exhibition in Europe demands careful planning,” explains Camilla Waara, Marketing Coordinator at Indexator. Colleagues throughout the entire company have contributed expertise in different ways and thus ensured that we will be able to present an attractive stand at Bauma,” concludes Waara.