In 1973,Allan Jonsson bought the Swedish company Indexator. Since then he has continuously expanded it with products that were at first focused on the needs of Scandinavian users.

He realized early on, that rotators offered more flexibility for a number of industrial sectors. As a result, Indexator has now grown to be a globally recognized producer of rotators for the transport, materials handling and recycling industries.


The primary goal of the company was always to be a leader in  he area of product development and to offer robust, powerful equipment.

This led to the concept of Rototilt®, a solution to enable the more flexible use of excavators, and allowing them to take on a multi role function in existing and new applications. Rototilt allows digging, tilting and rotating in a single movement.


To fulfil the high expectations in quality, availability and dependable deliveries, Indexator continuously invests in its ultra- modern manufacturing plant.

A total of 200 employees work at Indexator and most of them in the North-Swedish town of Vindeln, generating a turnover of circa SEK 430 million.

Indexator uses a Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) solution, which includes a Flexible Machining System (FMS).

This allows full integration of the design, sales ordering, production planning and manufacturing functions. To ensure the quality of the complex designs, work is done exclusively via a modern 3D CAD system. Indexator is rightfully proud of its world class manufacturing abilities.


Within the forestry sector Indexator is a worldwide-established brand, the experience gained is now being applied to great effect in both the construction and waste recycling sectors.

Indexator exports about 65% of its production to over 40 worldwide markets. In addition to the international distributor network Indexator also has two subsidiaries, Indexator GmbH that covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Indexator Inc that covers North America. Besides rotators for forestry, general cargo and materials handling, Indexator also manufactures Rototilt for excavator attachments.

Indexator invests considerable resources in product design and development, working closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of forestry, transport, construction and recycling equipment.

Manufacturing of Indexator rotators takes place in Vindeln, Sweden, in the company’s technically advanced factory which ensures the high quality and finish of every single component used in its wide range of rotators.

All Indexator rotators are individually tested ensuring that the company delivers a precision manufactured, reliable product to its customers.

Indexator has an extensive worldwide network of distributors and service centres to offer comprehensive backup for its rotator and Rototilt products.


Quality is what characterizes Indexator. Everything it does is governed by delivering the best quality possible. Its rotators always, at the very least, meet its customers’ requirements and expectations. Production technology is important, but it is the employees who have the lead role in the quality work.


Indexator’s production facilities are located in Vindeln, outside of Umeå in northern Sweden. The 8,500 square metre production facility for rotators shares space with corporate management, product development, sales and after-market support. This closeness provides advantages in the form of an overview and short decision-making channels.


Indexator’s rotator factory is designed for rational flows and high-capacity utilization. In the centre is the completely automated material handling system, FMS, and advanced processing machines. The collective competence and commitment of the company’s employees is what allows Indexator to live up to the name “quality factory”.


Not everything is automated. Preliminary and final assembly is done by hand in order to ensure quality and configuration. All rotators undergo a test cycle where all functions are checked. Testing is completely automated to avoid human influence, but is monitored by an operator. No deviations are tolerated.

QUICK SPARE PART DISTRIBUTION AND LOCAL SERVICE Indexator’s rotators are designed for tough work and long life, but sometimes parts have to be replaced. When that happens the customer wants the parts fast! Indexator is there Indexator has developed an efficient system for global spare part provision and service in close proximity to customers. This can be organized in different ways — every market area has its own prerequisites.

But the goal is always the same: to quickly get the ordered spare part in order to minimize downtime and lost revenue for the customer.


Indexator provides technical support via telephone and e-mail. A staff of experienced employees with major product knowledge accepts questions and orders from customers and workshops.