Russia says it to ready to supply grain to African countries at no additional expense if the existing grain deal with Ukraine is not extended after 60 days.
By 20 March, almost 25mt (million tonnes) of agribulk had left Ukraine under the existing grain deal.
According to Russian president Vladimir Putin, “If we decide not to extend this deal after 60 days, Russia will be ready to supply the same amount that was delivered under the deal, from Russia to the African countries in great need, at no expense.”
The initial deal with Russia, which was for 120 days, began on 22 July 2022, but was extended in November for a further 120 days. The agreement regulated grain exports from the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny.
In addition, a memorandum signed by Russia and the UN, allowed restrictions to be lifted on the export of Russian fertilizer and agricultural products to global markets.
The grain deal was extended for a further 60 days on March 2023, which Russia believes is sufficient for an objective assessment of how the UN implements its assurances to unblock the exports of Russian agricultural products and fertilizer to overseas markets.