The road construction, drainage, sewage and groundworks contractor, A Molenaar, has bought an ideal machine for its new material-handling site in the form of the Hitachi ZW180-5. It has already made a significant impact loading a steady stream of trucks and trailers at sister company Molenaar Zand en Grond BV’s stockyard at Bergambacht, east of Rotterdam.

The new wheel loader was delivered in November 2014 by HCME Domestic, the domestic dealer of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME). The company’s latest acquisition will help to supply its own road projects (50% of the output), and meet the needs of other contractors and private customers in the region.

The site is located beside the Lek river and the incoming materials are delivered by boat, with all of the outgoing sand and soil loaded on to trucks. “The emphasis is on sustainability with 80% of the distance covered by the materials on water and only 20% by road,” says owner Andre´ Molenaar. “This is a difficult area to access for deliveries by truck and so this is also a fuel-efficient system.”

A Molenaar was founded in 1941 by Andre´’s grandfather, and his three sons are the fourth generation of the family to work in the company. The firm’s first Hitachi excavator was an EX150LC and, after 25 years of being a loyal customer, it has purchased a total of 28 machines from HCME Domestic.The ZW180-5 is the first medium wheel loader in the fleet — and the first example of this model working in The Netherlands — as this is the only application that has required a product of this category and size.

“No other equipment works as well as Hitachi construction machinery,” adds Andre´, who also used to be an operator. “These are the best machines and I have no reason to buy another brand. Hitachi is the complete package. HCME Domestic also stands behind its products through excellent service, a favourable total cost of ownership and the emphasis placed on creating solutions should any issues arise.

“Hitachi machines are well designed and look stunning. We work with our machines for around six years and keep them in excellent condition, so they retain high resale values. Our customers also like to see immaculate equipment on their job sites. “The operators are happy with the Hitachi

machines and that’s the only brand they want to use. The excellent handling, and spacious and comfortable working environment are all important factors. We estimate that the outstanding fuel consumption of the –5 range is 17–18% lower than its predecessor. The auto shutdown is also vital in this respect, for example when operators are frequently climbing in and out of the cab.” Molenaar Zand en Grond uses the ZW180-5 with a 3m3 bucket and pallet forks. “We rented a ZW250 for three months before deciding to buy,” says Andre´. “This gave us added confidence in our first Hitachi ZW-5 model, which we chose due to its size, loading capacity and ability to drive on the road. This is the perfect machine for the site, as it has the ability to load everything from trailers to trucks, and is easy to maintain.”