Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) has reinforced its
popular range of ZW wheel loaders with the launch of three new
compact models. The ZW65, ZW75 and ZW95 are comfortable, reliable
and suitable for a wide range of applications, including road and general
construction, material handling, waste management, agriculture
and short-term rental fleets.
The dynamic design is a result of in-depth research
into a full range of key functions and the increasing demands on
the versatility of compact machinery. Like all Hitachi ZW wheel
loaders, the ZW65, ZW75 and ZW95 offer benefits of better
performance, ultimate comfort and safety, and reduced running
Peter Stuijt, HCME Product Manager Construction and Utility
Equipment, comments: “The development of the ZW65, ZW75
and ZW95 is in response to the increasingly varied requirements
of Hitachi customers. Compact wheel loaders are very popular
in western Europe — above all in Germany and France — which
reinforces the importance of these new models to HCME and its
dealer network.
“Although the competition is high in this sector, the
combination of articulated steering and Z-link loading systems in
Hitachi compact loaders creates a strong selling point and a big
opportunity to succeed in the overall market.”
Equipped with powerful engines, the ZW65, ZW75 and ZW95
are suitable for use on a variety of job sites and the large
traction force provides excellent mobility. Their compact overall
size and dimensions make them easy to transport, and enable
operation in confined spaces.
The limited slip differential enhances grip on uneven and
difficult terrain. Extensive research by Hitachi engineers into the
ZW wheel loaders’ centre of gravity has helped to secure the
overall balance, so that excellent stability is maintained during
operation. The rear axle oscillation angle has also been designed
to improve the machines’ stability when travelling on uneven
Although compact, the ZW65, ZW75 and ZW95 have
relatively large loading capacities. This minimizes the repetition
of loading and lifting, which enhances productivity and efficiency.
In addition, the two-cylinder steering system contributes to
smooth and precise operation. A cylinder is installed on both
sides of the machine, ensuring balanced steering.
The quick coupler — compatible with a wide range of
attachments — also contributes to the versatility of the ZW
models. The new Z-bar loader linkage has significantly improved
the operator’s view of the attachment during operation, which
enhances safety and efficiency on the job site. This also improves
the smooth, parallel lifting movement of the fork, and allows the
bucket to be tilted at a 90° angle so the machines can perform
ground-finishing work.
The ZW65, ZW75 and ZW95’s spacious cab provides a
comfortable working environment for the operator. Sound levels
are minimized due to the low-noise engine and sealed cab design.
The large suspension seat has been designed to enhance comfort
and reduce operator fatigue.
The large display monitor is easy to read and enables the
operator to assess the machine’s status at a glance. All controls,
pedals and switches are ergonomically positioned to enable
comfortable control of the machine. The compact wheel loaders
are easy to manoeuvre using a multi-function joystick lever and
little steering effort is required. In addition, the steering column
can be tilted according to the operator’s preference.
The ZW65, ZW75 and ZW95 provide excellent 360°
visibility. The frame has been designed to accommodate large
front and rear windows, and glass doors on either side of the
cab. The rounded engine cover enhances rear view visibility,
improving safety while the operator is working on a job site.
Even in extreme weather conditions, visibility is maintained by a
defroster installed at the front, and an electric wire heater at the
The ZW65, ZW75 and ZW95 benefit from reduced running
costs. The easy-to-lift engine opens fully, and the fuel filter and
radiator are easy to access, which enables maintenance personnel
to inspect all major components and service points quickly. This
means that there is enough space for daily routine maintenance
to take place easily, reducing downtime.
The fuel cap is positioned conveniently for the operator to
enable easy and quick refuelling. In addition, the large capacity
fuel tank minimizes the time spent refuelling during work hours,
which increases productivity.
The battery booster cable is also located conveniently so that
it is easy to connect, making any unexpected battery problems
quick to resolve. A durable cover protects the hydraulic cylinder
that is used for the quick coupler. The cab is easy to clean, as
both doors can be opened 180° to allow removal of dirt and