For shiploading and unloading the gearboxes and winches from drive technology specialist Zollern are used in applications such as mobile harbour cranes, straddle carriers and handling cranes for container in harbours and on ships.
They also work reliably and efficiently in heavy lift cranes, bulk material handling cranes and in handling technology for raw materials for shiploaders. Further maritime-related applications are dredging vessels, knuckle boom cranes, podded drives and jack-up systems.
By now, around 70% of these applications are hydraulically driven, and 30% are electrically driven. However, following the trend of electrification, the share with electrical input drive is on the rise. For high-end gearboxes, permanent magnetic motors become increasingly relevant, especially when limited space, energy efficiency or green energy ask for compact, emission-free drive solutions.
Zollern is a pioneer in integrated electrical drive systems. In addition to the trusted and proven planetary gearboxes, the newest technology permanent magnetic motors are manufactured and supplied by the international company. Premium custom-tailored drive systems with a minimum of interfaces, highest efficiency and reliability are tangible benefits for the customers. With the condition monitoring system Zollern Drive Guard, the drive system can be monitored from any location around the world at any time.
Zollern has been producing planetary gears for more than 50 years. Starting with planetary gearbox production in 1972, the drive portfolio based on planetary gear-boxes comprises a whole range of slewing gears and winches for various applications, markets and customers. The drive technology division of the company also offers electric motors, hydrostatic bearing systems and handling systems.
Compact dimensions, high performance and functional design characterizes the gearboxes and winches.