TEUFELBERGER Seil Ges.m.b.H. consistently stands for the highest product quality, innovation, dynamic drive, reliability, and internationality. This is why customers from around the world consider the Austrian rope manufacturer as their strong partner in the field of crane ropes for harbour, offshore and construction cranes.

Crane ropes are the executing element in any type of crane work. Therefore, they constitute an important element in ensuring the smooth conduct of work processes of cranes in harbours, on offshore platforms, and in many other applications where cranes are deployed. These ropes need to be highly resistant to corrosion, very durable, safe, and cost-effective. TEUFELBERGER achieves all this by using only first-rate materials, perfectly tuned manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge rope technology. In addition, the close cooperation with leading crane manufacturers such as Liebherr, Kenz, Huisman, Seatrax, ZPMC or National Oilwell enables the development of customized solutions for every kind of application. Extensive and sustained research conducted in the R&D department inWels,Austria,ensures that TEUFELBERGER continues to pioneer new technologies.

THE TECHNOLOGY – TEUFELBERGER’S CONTRIBUTION With the PLASTFILLTM technology, the strands of the lubricated steel core are embedded in a compact plastic cover during the stranding process. This cover offers resistance to compression, lateral pressures and the ingress of water into the core as well as it guarantees the accurate positioning of the strands with equidistant strand spacing. This results in high breaking strength due to improved friction conditions in the rope and longer service life. The SUPERFILL® technology compacts every single rope strand in a special procedure. As a result, the rope's breaking load increases by more than 30% in comparison to conventional ropes. The smooth rope surface leads to less abrasion on rope, sheaves and drums. The permanent lubricated core helps to increase safety and lowers the maintenance effort.


The loading capacity of modern cranes is constantly increasing and they are often used 365 days a year. Therefore highest breaking forces, resistance against mechanical wear, shock and corrosion as well as long service life are important. Years of experience in rope production, know-how and innovation enables TEUFELBERGER to develop the right solution for each application. For applications on mobile harbour cranes, ship-to- shore cranes, grab unloaders or RTGs, the high performance ropes EVOLUTION Q8 and QS 816 V are particularly well suited. Both are processed with PLASTFILLTM and SUPERFILL® technology and ensure high breaking forces, high flexibility, and long service lives. QS 816 V, which is available up to a diameter of 70mm, offers excellent bending cycle performance, high form stability against lateral pressures and high resistance against mechanical wear. EVOLUTION Q 8 features up to 40% higher service life in relation to bending fatigue and up to 5% higher breaking force than comparable products. As a result of the compacted outer strands, it is also ideal for multi-layerspooling. The product range goes from a diameter of 16 to 60mm. Both 


ropes can be produced in ordinary or langs lay as well as right or left lay configurations. TEUFELBERGER will as well offer tailor-made diameter tolerances as this is very important to consider when it comes to replacement ropes and worn out sheaves. Countries where bulk business is a major part of the economy, like India, China or Indonesia, trust in the high quality and reliability of TEUFELBERGER ropes.



The name TEUFELBERGER stands for a dynamic group of companies working with three key technologies in three strategic divisions and relying on more than 220 years of experience. In 2012, its 800 highly motivated employees achieved sales of about €165 million.

In addition to wire ropes for use on ropeways, cranes, and in forestry,TEUFELBERGER is also active in the segments Synthetic fibres (fibre ropes for marine applications, high-performance ropes for industry, forestry, arboriculture, and special-purpose applications, overbraiding and metal-composite interconnections) and extrusion (plastic strapping and baler twines). TEUFELBERGER operates production facilities in five locations: two sites in Wels (Upper Austria; all products), and one each in St.Aegyd (Lower Austria; wire ropes),Veselí nad Lužnicí (Czech Republic, fibre ropes), and Fall River (USA, fibre ropes).