Protecting sensitive cargoes, such as cement, is vital to ensure the
cargo arrives in good condition — dry and fully protected from
the outside elements. Henry Diplomatic Marine, part of Henry
Company’s Performance Additives Group, is a major supplier in
the field of cargo protection and hatch cover security. Henry’s
marine product line was formed in 1968. The company sells to
all types of ship suppliers in the majority of major ports
Before a vessel embarks upon a voyage, it must make sure
that the cargo hatches on the vessel are properly sealed and
watertight. The vessel’s hatches are secured using high-quality
hatch cover tape. Henry offers a range of these tapes, including:
  Ram-Nek® premium heavy duty hatch cover tape — this is
composed of a thick adhesive compound that is reinforced with
woven fibreglass fabric mesh. It is packaged between nonremovable
polyethylene back and removable release paper and is
available in three sizes. It is cut into 1.22-metre-long strips
for easy installation. This product, in use since 1968, has
been responsible for hundreds of thousands of damage-free
The adhesion of the Ram-Nek tape is extraordinarily
strong. The product penetrates and stays in all
surface pits and crevices. The properties of Ram-Nek are
such that it is able to stretch as the ship bends and turns in
heavy seas, essential for ocean-going vessels. Ram-Nek remains
bonded to the steel hatch surface withstanding the enormous
water pressure of crashing waves.
  Gulf Seal® heavy duty hatch cover tape — in 2001, Henry
introduced this lower-cost product to satisfy the need for a highquality
heavy-duty tape when initial cost is an issue. It is available
in two widths, and in 1.22-metre lengths.
  Maritape® hatch cover tape — this product is recommended
for marine applications where the weather and sea conditions
only demand a medium strength tape at a moderate price.
Maritape is available in two widths and packaged in four rolls.
Typical uses for this tape include barge hatch covers, ships’ hatch
covers, tank covers, weather deck doors, and metal pipe
protection from cathodic and corrosion conditions.
Hatch cover tape is applied new on each voyage, and is
removed prior to the unloading of the cargo. Applying hatch
cover tape is a simple task, and does not require in-depth
training. It is also completely safe to use, and therefore
poses no risks to anyone applying it.
As well as hatch cover tapes, Henry also offers Ram
Wrap® pipe repair system, which is ideal for repairing
metal, plastic or composite pipe leaks in minutes. The
pipe repair system is a complete first aid kit for making emergency, temporary
or even permanent pipe repairs quickly, easily and effectively. The package
sold to the customer consists of a roll of pipe-wrap tape, a
workable amount of two-part epoxy and rubber gloves. As with
all Henry products, it is easy to apply. It is water-activated, and
eliminates costly down-time. The product is ideal for use on
small-diameter pipes found on most vessels, and is also suitable
for use in factories, refineries and so forth.
Henry has a manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas and
maintains stock in six warehouses in
North America and Rotterdam.
Henry products are stocked by
distributors in North America and
many of the major ports worldwide.
With a strong distribution
network, Henry can successfully link
ship owners with marine suppliers so
that Ram-Nek can be delivered
onboard a vessel in over 100 ports
Henry Company is a major
innovator of specialized Diplomatic
Marine products, Building Envelope
Systems® and performance additives
for the building materials and marine
For over 75 years, Henry products
have protected and enhanced the
performance of marine vessels,
residential, industrial, commercial and
institutional foundations, buildings and
other structures.