Heila Cranes and Van Aalst Bulk Handling — producer of pneumatic ship unloaders — have reached an exclusive co-operation agreement for the cement handling product group. The contract for the exclusive worldwide distribution of this type of crane was officially signed on 27 May of this year. This contract follows the successful co-operation between Heila Cranes and Van Aalst Bulk Handling that started more than 20 years ago.

Both organizations are
convinced that their
renewed co-operation will
ensure that even better
service is offered to the customers. It will allow Heila Cranes and Van Aalst Bulk Handling to cooperate even better on innovation in this specific market to retain their technical lead. It will also improve the entire service and create clarity for the customers.

Giampiero Traetta, CEO of Heila Cranes: “We are delighted to further strengthen our co-operation. In recent years, Heila has invested heavily in improving the manipulators. We reviewed and improved the structure and the control system, giving our product an advanced lead. We consider it important that our customers have the best solutions available always and everywhere. Moreover,Van Aalst Bulk Handling represents an excellent example of the service that we wish to provide the end

customers. We also benefit technically from the contribution and suggestions made by Van Aalst Bulk Handling.

Arno van Aalst, Managing Director of Van Aalst Bulk Handling: “We are extremely pleased that we have been able to make our co-operation with Heila Cranes official. The distribution contract is a logical step that follows on from the good relations between the two companies. Heila supports the worldwide service and the delivery of spare parts. The customers will benefit from this enormously. Heila has succeeded in developing a manipulator that meets the high demands of our customers. We look forward to extending our co-operation.”

During the contract signing ceremony,Arno van Aalst and Giampiero Traetta expressed their confidence in each other.