HAROPA (Ports of LeHavre, Rouen & Paris) seaborne traffic globally remains stable, at 45.8 M tonnes, the first six months were marked by very good figures within dry bulk trades.
The market share of HAROPA for the export of wheat and barley produced in France (2017-2018 season) reached a record level of 50%, with 75% traffic growth against the previous season.
Seaborne traffic of aggregates, sands and gravels strongly rose by 55%. Regarding this trade, river traffic recovered after the period of strong rise in the water level with 7.5 M tonnes.
CEREALS: AN ALL TIME HIGH MARKET SHARE - All cereals counted together, the terminals of the Port of Rouen operated 7 million tonnes in the course of the 2017-2018 season, that is a 75 % rise compared to last year. This figure confirms the competitiveness of the port of Rouen which handles about 50% of the French exports of wheat and barley. The new 2018-2019 season should confirm this good positioning in terms of market shares. The river traffic of cereals in the Ile-de-France region actually rose by 22.5% connected for the major part with the supply of the Port of Rouen.
AGGREGATES, SANDS AND GRAVELS: HIGH GROWTH - Sea traffic rose by 55%, with 900,000 tonnes: it is boosted by the re-start of the Paris area and Normandy building sector. On this very trade, river traffic significantly recovered as from the month of April with 7.5 MT after a beginning of the year strongly impacted by the period of strong rise in the river water level (-2% at end of June against -16% at end of March).