To help shipping companies manage the process of getting rid of waste Hanseaticsoft, the leading provider of cloud-based maritime software has just released its latest module ‘Garbage Disposals’ for Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) -  its web-based platform which allows information to be centralised, processed and accessed in real time using apps and mobile devices.

The new module is designed to assist shipping companies in keeping track of all waste, sewage and sludge disposals easily and efficiently, across all vessels. All data can be entered directly on board using CFM – making the process as convenient as possible and ensuring compliance.

The shipping industry is recognised as one of the largest sources for pollution at sea and there are stringent laws and regulations for managing waste. It’s essential waste management teams comply to avoid fines, which in the UK could be up to £25,000 in Magistrates Court (unlimited in Crown Court) – if there is clear evidence of illegal disposal of litter .

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) obliges countries to cooperate to establish international rules and standards to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the marine environment from vessels. These are set by the MARPOL Agreement .

On 1st March 2018  amendments to the MARPOL Annex V came into force. Changes included criteria for determining whether cargo residues are harmful to the marine environment and a new Garbage Record Book format with a new garbage category for e-waste – discarded electrical or electronic devices.

Hanseaticsoft’s Garbage Disposals module was developed in accordance with these requirements for a Garbage Record Book, enabling waste management teams to streamline processes and get rid of Excel-lists, bits of paper or other kinds of documentation necessary to comply.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft GmbH says, “We’re delighted to launch our latest module which enables shipping companies to keep on top of their waste management and comply with regulations. Since CFM is completely cloud-based, information can be comfortably accessed anytime and from anywhere. 

“Our software is supporting shipping companies as they increasingly turn to technology to streamline processes. We will continue expanding our software portfolio and creating modules that add value and help shipping companies achieve greater efficiencies and profitability,” adds Mr Buchmann.

The CFM software portfolio currently comprises more than 20 different business apps, including Cloud Crewing, Cloud Maintenance, Cloud Purchase and Cloud MRV.

About Hanseaticsoft

Hanseaticsoft was founded in 2009 by Alexander Buchmann. Buchmann and his team gained many years of experience in the software department of a medium-sized shipping company in Hamburg, the third largest container harbour in Europe. With Hanseaticsoft, the idea of a new software concept was finally realised: giving enterprises access to new and efficient technologies by means of intuitive software solutions. Today Hanseaticsoft has more than 50 employees and since March 2017, Lloyd's Register one of the world's largest ship classification societies holds a share in the software company.