With the aim of promoting the international trade between Asia, Africa and Europe, NANAMI – the result of a joint venture between Grupo ETE and its partners Steelduxx, SevenLog Ghana and TST Japan – arises as a logistics facilitator to answer the need of its clients to entry these markets. With a unique and innovative joint venture concept, whereby all the shareholders take an equal role, NANAMI will drive the growth of these emerging trades.
NANAMI’s scope of activity, standing out in the integrated and totally customized logistics services, Marine Chartering, Agency & Services, Shipping, Ship Management and Maritime Consultancy. Services which the company highlights as crucial to increase the flow of the supply chain, contributing for the growth and consolidation of its clients’ position in new markets, namely Africa, Asia and Europe.
The new company, pioneer in the sector, aims to offer innovative, reliable and flexible solutions to its customers, developed based on local knowledge and experience, as well as through an extended network in several geographies, enabled by the strategic position of its shareholders. Also, their union and proximity translate NANAMI’s commitment: a company that shares its values and strategic vision, combining the right people, assets and expertise to provide an integrated and efficient service to its clients.
Based in Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe, NANAMI will have a fundamental contribution to the global reach of the involved partners, consolidating their current positioning but most of all by driving their entrance into new marketplaces.
According to Joäo Silva, Board Member of NANAMI, Grupo ETE’s company, “NANAMI is an excellent opportunity for the Group to reach new markets and expand its offer to actual and potential customers. In a perspective of sharing resources, know-how and experience in the several markets in which all the partners are located, this innovative and equal corporate-wise concept, will bring more competitive and efficient solutions to markets we operate in. Particularly in Portugal, Mozambique and Cape Verde, where we foresee business developments for our clients and partners. Furthermore, NANAMI with its entrepreneurial spirit comes to finally connect distant geographies where there is a clear desire for collaboration to build a global and integrated logistics market."
After presenting ETE Logistixx – a successful partnership with Steelduxx in January 2021 – GRUPO ETE continues its international expansion strategy with a new company that appears as a platform for  the entry of foreign companies into new markets, as well as allowing the Group to open its activity to the Asian context thus broadening its representation in it.

GRUPO ETE’s strategic presence in Mozambique and Cape Verde, allied to its expertise and reliable operations, gives NANAMI a competitive advantage, since it will facilitate the opening of these geographies to potential Asian customers, as well as it will boost the commercial trades between these markets.


Founded in 1936, GRUPO ETE is a reference in the maritime port sector, integrating the areas of Port Operation, Maritime Transport, Logistics Operation, Inland Waterways, Shipping Agents, Engineering, Shipbuilding and Repair.

Owned exclusively by Portuguese capital, GRUPO ETE employs more than 1,000 employees and generates an annual turnover of more than 200 million euros. The Group has an international presence with its own operations in 6 countries (Portugal, Belgium, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Colombia and Uruguay)., on 3 continents. It also counts with partnerships in Ghana and Japan.