ETE Logistixx came to life in the beginning of 2021 as the missing link between Northern Europe, Benelux, Iberian Peninsula and Cape Verde. Based in Antwerp this new company is working as a logistics platform, strategically connecting the mentioned geographies, as well as providing integrated and tailored made logistics solutions.
Present in the second largest port in Europe – and thanks to its privileged geographical location - ETE Logistixx provides a greater capacity for service integration and response efficiency in the distribution chain.
The joint assets of GRUPO ETE and STEELDUXX, allow the company to work as a logistics center providing a comprehensive service to shippers, forwarders, exporters and importers in Iberia and Northern Europe, guaranteeing them access to vessels, warehouses, trucking companies and terminals owned or operated by the respective companies.
Integrated logistics solutions based on an extensive know-how
will contribute to the growth of our customers in new markets
With a team of professionals – more than 1.300 native speaking people - in Portugal, Belgium and all the other geographies where there is a presence of either partner, with a vast knowledge of the local reality and the functioning of the respective markets, ETE Logistixx will help customers to grow their business through intelligent solutions designed according to their needs.
According to Luís Figueiredo, Shareholder and Board Member of GRUPO ETE. “ETE Logistixx is adding value to GRUPO ETE, taking its competitive advantages further ahead. Our presence in all commercial ports at a national level, as well as our storage capacity (inside or very close to the ports), allows us to offer customers an integrated value proposition, inherent to port-centered logistics, leading to lower costs and greater coordination of all operations, improving flows quickly and transparently.”
Lou Appels, Partner of Steelduxx also reinforces the meaning of this joint venture with GRUPO ETE for the Belgium market: “The current and future trade has an urgent need for a new creative approach and transparency. Steelduxx and her partners are ready to meet these challenges. We are ready to continuously expand and widen our playground. The recent take overs of Abudyck and Sermar are a small proof of our strategy. The partnership with our friends of Grupo ETE is a next step for both our companies and will undeniably create new opportunities for the customer base we daily support”
About Steelduxx
In 2020, Edm. Van Dyck & Sons joined Aneka and formed Steelduxx, combining more than 125 Years of exxperience in steel industry and expertise in general cargo, containers, roro, consultancy and matchmaking services. The group has a worlwide dedicated network with own office in HK and partnerships in Japan, West Africa and Brazil. Incontournable in the widest sense.
Founded in 1936, GRUPO ETE is a reference in the maritime port sector, integrating the areas of Port Operation, Maritime Transport, Logistics Operation, Inland Waterways, Shipping Agents, Engineering, Naval Construction and Ship Repair.
Owned exclusively by Portuguese capital, GRUPO ETE employs more than 1,100 employees and generates an annual turnover of more than 200 million euros. The Group has an international presence with its own operations in 6 countries (Colombia, Uruguay, Cape Verde, Mozambique Portugal and Belgium), on 3 continents. It also counts with partnerships in Ghana and Japan.