Grain Imports News
The International Grains Council (IGC) currently projects global grain trade to reach 228.4mt in the current 2009/10 crop year (CY, July to June). The projection has been raised by 2.1mt from last month, due to larger than expected wheat imports by Brazil and Syria in particular.

Of the five major grain exporters, Argentina is projected to observe the largest y-o-y decline in the 2009/10 CY of 10.8mt whilst Canadian and EU-25 exports are projected to contract by 1.2mt and 7.6mt respectively. Australian exports are projected small y-o-y growth in the current CY of 0.7mt, and US exports are expected to grow 5.5mt.

Global grain trade is currently projected to decline by 18.7mt (7.6%) y-o-y in the 2009/10 CY. Imports to five of the eight regions reported by the IGC are expected to decline y-o-y.

Imports to Near East Asia are projected to decline the most, by 9.6mt (19.2%) y-o-y, heavily influenced by a 6.8mt (53.4%) reduction in imports to Iran. Imports to Africa are projected to decline by 8.0mt (14.8%) y-o-y, with imports to  Africa alone expected to decline by 6.0mt y-o-y.

Imports to South America are projected to increase the most, by 1.0mt (4.4%) y-o-y.
Grain Export News
Further to the rumours reported last month regarding potential Kazakhstani grain exports to China, more details have emerged on the new trading partners’ agreement. Shipments are expected to commence next year, and could see Kazakhstan export up to 3mt of grain to the Asian country. South Korea is also rumoured to be ready to  buy 700,000t of Kazakhstani grain.

If these deals come to fruition, the Kazakhstani government hopes that this will pave the way for further deals to Asia in the coming months,  and ultimately provide a wider range of export destinations for Kazakhstan’s grain.