Major equipment manufacturer VIGAN SA has particular expertise in the handling of grain and related products. Among its major clients is the Port of Dekheila in Egypt. Egypt imports large quantities of grain, and there are many VIGAN unloaders in operation in this country (see above).
   Dekheila port is a natural extension to the Port of Alexandria, due to the increase in the number of containers being moved through Alexandria, as well as growth in industrial development and free zones in Alexandria’s west delta.
   In the Netherlands, the use of biomass is increasingly popular in many electrical plants.
   Vigan recently commissioned a large barge unloader for wood pellets for Electrabel, part of the Suez group. The capacity of this unit is 500tph (tonnes per hour), and this capacity is exceeding customer expectations.
   Within the next few weeks, VIGAN expects to finalize two contracts (one in Europe, the other in South America) for one ship loader and one ship unloader. Several other projects are still at the development stage, and should be concluded during the coming months.