In 2014,Argentinian ports exported almost 8mt (million tonnes) of grain fewer than they did in 2013. According to figures released by the Ministry of Agriculture, combined, all the various port terminals dispatched 32mt of grain, compared to nearly 40mt the previous year. In 2012, export grain had amounted to 41.7mt, indicating that over the last three years the country has sent abroad 10 million fewer tonnes, which is a fall of around 23% based on the 2012 figure.

In 2014, corn exports fell by almost 4 million tons.This was due to a poor harvest yield, but also down to increased domestic consumption by livestock and also for a switch in

use as biofuel. At the same time there was 1mt fewer of both corn and soya brought down to Rosario by barge from neighbouring Paraguay and Bolivia, along with fewer consignments of sorghum, wheat and barley.

With the exception of the ports of Ramallo and Villa Constitucio´n, all others lost export dry bulk cargo in 2014. Those in and around Rosario were worst hit, losing almost 3mt. In 2013, these dispatched cargo amounted to 9mt compared to just 6.1mt last year. As for San Lorenzo and General San Marti´n, these lost a combined 2mt in 2014, falling from 16.3mt to 14.3mt. Terminals in and around Bahi´a Blanca was similarly hit, seeing traffic fall from 6.4mt to 5mt. BC