Gottwald Port Technology GmbH (Gottwald), a subsidiary of Demag
Cranes AG, has recently secured two orders for the delivery of
three mobile harbour cranes to South Korea.
Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. has
ordered two more Generation 4 cranes, i.e. one HMK 170 E and
one HMK 260 E, while Dongbu Express has acquired its third
Generation 5, Model 4, G HMK 4306 B four-rope grab crane for
professional bulk handling.
The two Generation 4 mobile harbour cranes for Ssangyong
Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. are scheduled to start commercial
operation in summer2011 at the Port of Gunsan. Here, the 63-tonne HMK
170 E crane and the 100-tonne HMK 260 E crane will increase the
terminal’s capacities in handling general cargo.
The new order brings to five the total number of cranes
ordered by Ssangyong from Gottwald. Two HMK 170 E
machines and one HMK 260 E have been in operation at the
Port of Incheon since 2008.
“Trustworthy service with quality first – that’s our
philosophy and the promise we make to our clients. And
that’s why we in turn rely on Gottwald’s quality and
trustworthy service,” said J.T. Yoo, director of the purchasing
department at Ssangyong. “Our new order for Gunsan Port
represents the successful continuation of an excellent
mutually beneficial business relationship. We appreciate the
constant exchange of ideas and the continuous support by
Gottwald and its local representative, Kilwoo.” According to
Yoo, a key factor in Ssangyong’s decision to place the order
with Gottwald was trouble-free crane operation ensured by
the support and service provided by the readily available,
trained and qualified staff from Kilwoo.
The Model 4 mobile harbour crane for Dongbu Express is
scheduled to start commercial operation at the beginning of
2011 at the Port of Dangjin. This large-scale Korean logistics
company is part of the Dongbu Group and the new
G HMK 4306 B four-rope grab crane will enable the
customer to further increase its capacities in handling scrap
for its sister company Dongbu Steel.
Since 2008, throughout its recent growth process, Dongbu
Express has been assisted by two G HMK 4306 B cranes from
Gottwald. These machines were at the same time among the
very first Generation 5, Model 4 mobile harbour cranes of the
4-rope grab variant G HMK 4306 B for professional bulk
handling ever sold. Forecasting further expansion the
company has now purchased a third machine.
“A decisive reason for us to opt for Gottwald again was
the positive experience gained from the support provided by
Gottwald and Kilwoo, support that goes beyond the usual
level,” said P.H. Keum, head of the purchasing department at
Dongbu Express. “We are very happy to continue our
successful co-operation with Gottwald and Kilwoo.”
Commenting on the importance of service and support in the
South Korean market, Jae H. Yang, sales director of Kilwoo
Corporation, Gottwald’s local representative in South Korea,
said: “South Korea is one of the world’s most demanding
markets. On the one hand customers require constant
contact and updates on products and applications. At the
same time they also expect highly efficient after-sales service,
as the cranes here often exceed 5,000 operating hours per
year, which is well above the global average.”
To ensure optimum crane availability, efficiency,
performance and safety and to deal with the remarkably high
operational demands, Kilwoo has a dedicated staff of ten
engineers strategically located in Seoul and Pusan ready to
take on any service task required with the full support of
Gottwald’s Service Competence Centre in Dusseldorf,
Germany, and Gottwald’s Singapore Office.

“South Korea is one of the most promising economic regions
in the world,” emphasizes Gottwald’s regional director, Klaus
Roehrig, in Singapore. And he gives the main reasons why
terminal operators repeatedly opt for Gottwald: “Gottwald
has a reputation for offering innovative products, the
operation of which is economical and environmentally
compatible at the same time. Gottwald is known for its
philosophy of customer orientation and maintaining long-term
partnerships even through economically challenging times. We
support our customers in every way possible, so that terminal
operators can focus on their core business. And we intend to
keep it this way.”