Ahead of Global Grain South America, some of our expert speakers have been sharing their thoughts on recent market developments, and today I wanted to share with you some from Prof. Rodrigo Alexandre Gomes de Oliveira.
Learn how the bad weather in the US and African Swine Flu will both impact the South American market. Read why Professor Gomes de Oliveria says “my biggest concern regarding the African Swine Flu is that it may (and probably will) be more harmful than the trade war itself.
As the trade war, African Swine Flu and US weather all continue to impact the South American market, do you have the contacts and up to date market knowledge needed to capitalize? Global Grain South America can provide you with both. Find out more information about the event online here.
Gafta, our partner, are running two courses in South America this year. The first course relating to Commodity Contracts takes place in Sao Paolo on 10th-11th September, and the second course on Commodity Shipping comes to Buenos Aires on 5th-6th November. You can find more details here.