Above: The port of Immingham invests in a giant hydraulic crane like the one pictured
THE world’s largest hydraulic crane is heading to the port of Immingham in a £3 million investment by Associated British Ports (ABP).
Supplied by Cooper Specialised Handling Ltd, the UK’s leading independent port equipment supplier, the crane, model Mantsinen 300M Hybrilift is currently being built by Mantsinen in Finland.
In their early years, the forerunners of today’s 300M were material handlers and have become popular with UK ports for their speed of operation. They have historically however been ‘small cranes for small vessels,’ an ideology that Mantsinen blew away with their 200 series machines in 2008 and the launch of the 300 in 2018. These super-sized machines now have the reach and capacity to serve panamax size vessels and can handle as much as 1500 tonnes per hour – far greater than the rope crane equivalents.
Simon Bird, Regional Director for ABP Humber said: “Our investment in buying the world’s largest hydraulic crane shows our commitment to ensuring we have the best plant and equipment on the ports to service our customers' needs. We’re also thrilled to be the first company in Great Britain to have this giant on our port.”
ABP already operate a fleet of smaller Mantsinen machines across its network of 21 ports, but this will be the first 300 in the fleet and the first delivery into England – Cooper’s first being delivered to Belfast Harbour in 2019.
The machine weighs in at 365 tonnes (without attachment) and is diesel powered by an EU stage 5 Volvo 16 litre diesel engine. ABP have opted for an 18.5m curved boom and 14m stick and the machine has a wheeled undercarriage of 6 axles with 4 wheels per axle. The machine will also come supplied with Mantsinen’s cab riser to enable the operator to position the cab in the optimum position over the hold to gain a direct line of sight. The machine also is supplied with a range of automatic and semi-automatic attachments that also reduce the need for direct labour in the holds thus enhancing safety further than if stevedores were slinging.
David Cooper, Executive Director of Cooper Specialised Handling said: “ABP have enjoyed high uptime and operational performance with their Mantsinen fleet since 2016, and we are thrilled that ABP have opted for the biggest of them all. It seems quite appropriate that the UK’s largest port by tonnage should invest in a machine that can handle the most tonnage per hour”
The new machine is anticipated to arrive as a complete unit in Immingham in April on a direct shipment from Finland together with two 95ER machines destined for Ipswich.
About ABP Humber
ABP Humber Ports complex form the UK’s busiest trading gateway. The four ports of Immingham, Grimsby, Goole, and Hull handle more than 58 million tonnes of cargo between them each year worth approximately £75 billion. Across the Humber, the ports support 34,900 jobs and contribute £2.5 billion to the UK economy.
ABP Humber’s major investment programme ensures the ports offer state-of the-art cargo handling infrastructure and equipment, alongside a highly skilled team who can handle a vast array of cargo safely, efficiently and sustainably.
We work collaboratively to build long-term partnerships and deliver the right supply chain solutions for customers, including value-added services and new facilities tailored to suit their business needs.
Our Port Operations are complimented by their Pilotage Service and Vessel Traffic Service which ensure vessels are safely navigated through the Humber Estuary.
ABP Humber offers 364 hectares of development land across its port locations capable of attracting investment and delivering transformational benefits for the economy both locally and nationally.
The ports are all part of the new Humber Freeport, which offers three tax sites with an exceptionally business-friendly tax and regulatory environment for potential manufacturing investors.
ABP Humber supports its local communities. The ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon and 5k is now in its sixth year and complements ABP’s race sponsorship across the country.
About ABP 
ABP, the UK’s leading ports group is Keeping Britain Trading with 21 ports and other transport related businesses, creating a unique national network capable of handling a vast array of cargo.
We are driving growth, contributing £7.5 billion to the UK economy every year and supporting over 200,000 jobs. Our current investment programme promises to further increase our contribution to regional economies around the UK.
ABP is also an essential partner for the Offshore Wind industry, providing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for over 50% of the sector’s activity, as well as investing in infrastructure to realise future renewable energy generation.
ABP in numbers:
~ 90 million tonnes of cargo handled each year
5,000 hectares of port estate owned
1,000 hectares of open storage
1.4 million square metres of covered storage
87km of quay
> 1.5 million vehicles every year
¼ of the UK’s rail freight generated
> £55 million investment made in low emission and renewable energy generation technologies
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