KRÖGER Greifertechnik is promoting its
extremely robust and durable products with
the aim of capturing the global market. The
German company, based in Sonsbeck, offers a
wide product range. Its grabs can be used for
sand and gravel mining, to move extract at all
transshipment centres as well as in waste
incineration plants. As the equipment requires
no maintenance at all, it is very economical to
use. There is no need for any time-consuming
and labour-intensive lubrication. KRÖGER
grabs also have an excellent environmental
rating because they do not allow lubricating
oils to enter the water or groundwater in the ports and gravel
works where they are typically used.
KRÖGER’s strategic focus and high level of specialization have
made it a major player, for example in large hydraulic grabs. It
has also developed maintenance-free technology for grabs with a
capacity of more than 10 cubic metres. Until very recently
indestructible hydraulics were just not feasible in this segment.
Head of sales, Franz Lehnert, explains: “Hydraulic systems are
very common in small grabs which can be easily produced in
large production runs. But we are the only manufacturer to
guarantee zero maintenance for large grabs with volumes of ten
cubic metres or more.” The technical trailblazer in this segment
is proving that there are virtually no limits in grab technology, as
demonstrated time and again in real-life hardness tests. For
example the company very recently set an absolute depth record
in Switzerland. A KRÖGER cable grab operating at 180 metres
below the water table was crowned the undisputed “European
KRÖGER equipment is used in sea and
inland harbours the world over. The machine
constructor from the Lower Rhine region of
Germany was founded in 1962 and is
prominent in the markets of Germany,
Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It
also enjoys great popularity in Switzerland,
Austria and eastern France.
Now the company plans to expand
globally. Since 1 August this year, Christof
Prinz has taken the responsibility for export
sales. With nine years of experience in the
crane industry for Process Cranes at Demag Cranes &
Components, he will provide advice to customers all over the
Kröger grabs aren’t just used in harbours, but also in the
mining of raw materials by building material manufacturers, in the
steel industry and in the huge sector of waste management.
“We haven’t really been affected by the economic crisis.
Demand is continuing to rise,” explains managing director Claus
Diedrichs, who puts his company’s success down not only to its
special products but also its repair and replacement service,
which is available for all brands and allows products from other
manufacturers to be fitted with the company’s maintenance-free
technology. KRÖGER specialists are now familiar with virtually
any grab.
Around 120 grabs are currently leaving the main factory on
the Lower Rhine every year and that doesn’t include repaired
grabs. The plan is now to expand the company’s activities.