The Indonesian company ‘Krakatau Engineering
(KE)’ was awarded the contract as main
contractor for the Cigading International Bulk
Material Terminal.
In September 2008 its subcontractor
ThyssenKrupp Foerdertechnik (TKF), Business
Unit Materials Handling, Germany, received the
contract for design, construction and delivery
of a shiploader for the handling of coal. TKF’s
previous references for shiploaders in that
region, and its excellent track record, were
deciding factors in the contract being awarded
to TKF. The shiploader is now ready for
shipment in pre-assembled parts and the
erection is due to commence in early May
The shiploader is of heavy duty design and
has been designed for a maximum loading rate of 2,000tph
(tonnes per hour) for vessels ranging from 40,000dwt Handymax
to 80,000dwt Panamax. Partial loading of 120,000dwt ships is
also possible. The machine allows for an upgrade to a 3,000tph
loading rate for a capacity increase of the plant planned for a
later date.
The shiploader consists of a solid portal frame with
pendulum leg on the landside and a cantilevering machine house
platform. The loading boom can be extended from 15m to 28m
by a chain-driven shuttle and lowered and raised by the luffing
winch between –8° down and +12° during operation, +36° up
for changing of hatches and up to +70° into locking position. To
protect the environment from pollution and to allow an
optimized loading underneath the ship hatches, the coal is fed to
the ship via a slewable tubular loading chute of 10m length and a
movable loading spoon. The machine can travel alongside the
jetty for a distance of approximately 180m, thus reaching all
hatches of the foreseen ship classes.
The machine will operate on an existing jetty with a very
narrow rail gauge of only 9m, which, for reasons of balancing,
required the installation of additional counterweights on the land
side travel gear. The total operating weight of the machine is
approximately 380 tonnes, including the concrete counter