In Uruguay, the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries has issued a tender for a concession to operate a dry bulk terminal at the Port of Fray Bentos. This covers the warehousing, conditioning and transport of bulk commodities as well as their derivatives, for example in the form of pellets.
The tender mandates that the concessionaire must ensure a reliable, quality service, at minimum cost to the end user for operations involving agribulk. In addition, the terminal must orientate operations towards foreign and not domestic trade, boosting Uruguay’s exports as much as possible. Above all, it is expected to deal with deep sea traffic.
The above mentioned requirements will also lead to significant improvements being made in the port. There will be, for example, total storage capacity of
30,000 tonnes, while the concessionaire will have to implement facilities to accommodate total truckloads of up to 300 tonnes per hour. Furthermore, the existing port-road network will be upgraded to be able to handle the higher volumes of traffic. The new terminal is expected to directly benefit the grain producing regions of the west of Uruguay.
Correspondent: Barry Cross