FLSmidth is a major force in the manufacture and supply of bulk
handling equipment. The FLSmidth office in Wadgassen, Germany,
combines the consolidated strengths of two leading brands for
material handling — KOCH and MVT — and forms the
‘Technology Centre for Material Handling’ within the FLSmidth
In June 2010 the FLSmidth Kovako technology for pneumatic
ship loader/unloader products was transferred to the ‘Material
Handling’ product lineup of FLSmidth in Wadgassen. The
integration of Kovako products into the structure of the
FLSmidth office in Wadgassen allows the company to optimize
and streamline its operations and take maximum advantage of
available synergies.
FLSmidth’s bulk material handling systems and components
are based on more than 60 years of experience in design,
engineering, manufacturing and maintenance and are in use for
the mining, processing, blending, storage and handling of any type
of bulk material worldwide.
Widely known material handling products of FLSmidth are
KOCH Pipe Conveyor®, conveying solutions including KOCH
drag chain conveyor, KOCH and MVT stacker/reclaimer, KOCH
and MVT loading and unloading systems for bulk materials,
packed goods and bags for domestic ports and seaports, and
complete material handling systems for harbours, power and
cement plants as well as ore processing and handling plants.
With regard to harbour equipment, FLSmidth offers a proven
range of loading and unloading equipment for ships and barges
and provides comprehensive solutions for both seaport and
inner harbour handling facilities, including state-of-the-art safety
and environmental devices.
FLSmidth shiploaders are versatile units that can be tailored
to any task using proven components. These units are mobile
and move on rails, and are provided with slewing, luffing and/or
telescopic booms as required. They allow faster loading of ships
of all sizes up to Capesize vessels.
Individual components such as telescoping loading chutes and
slewing loading spouts ensure optimal loading of the cargo holds.
For dust suppression, special chute designs or dust collection
systems can be integrated upon request.
FLSmidth offers the following types of shiploaders/unloaders:
  •   bulk shiploaders;
  •   bag loaders; and
  •   pneumatic loaders.
Ship unloaders
  •   grab unloaders;
  •   bucket chain unloaders;
  •   screw unloaders;
  •   barge unloaders; and
  •   pneumatic unloaders.
Technical Information:

  •   ship size: up to 300,000dwt;
  •   boom length: up to 50m; and
  •   capacity: up to 16,000tph (tonnes per hour).
Ship unloaders
  •   ship size: up to 300,000dwt;
  •   boom length: up to 40m; and
  •   capacity: up to 2,500tph.
Pneumatic unloader
Based on the experience of FLSmidth’s Kovako brand, new
standard models have been developed that represent common
combinations of capacities vs. ship sizes and platforms (e.g. trailer,
gantry and skid mounted units). As a result, FLSmidth can now
offer standard unloader models from road mobile units with a
nominal capacity of 170tph for 5,000dwt ships to gantrymounted
unloaders of 450tph nominal capacity for 40,000dwt
This benefits the customers as delivery times are reduced
and the cost of engineering is spread over more units, so that a
customer does not have to pay for the complete engineering.
Furthermore, it improves the quality of the documentation.
The most popular model is proving to be the Kovako D-1/27,
a diesel-driven dock mobile ship unloader, which can handle
ships up to 12,000dwt with a nominal capacity of 200tph over a
conveying length of 125 metres. The unloader uses a Kovakodeveloped
suction arm from 23m to 27m long, all fitted with a
rotary nozzle. The unloader can easily be moved within a port
and is usually pulled by a standard road truck.
FLSmidth Wadgassen’s major clients are companies in the
following industries:
  •   harbours/ports;
  •   power;
  •   steel/mining;
  •   fertilizer;
  •   cement; and
  •   pulp and paper.
Being an international organization that serves
the cement and minerals industries, FLSmidth
continues to adapt its structure to current
market conditions and to customers’ need for
professional and responsive service. Customers
are assured the shortest possible lines of
communication with product specialists, sales staff
and service functions.
In 2010 FLSmidth Wadgassen GmbH received the
following major orders:
Kuwait: in-plant material handling equipment for
a cement plant which includes belt conveyors,
belt/weigh feeders, stackers, reclaimers, crushers,
screens, bucket elevators, deep pan conveyors,
dust extraction as well as the revamping of an
existing bucket type ship unloader.
Middle East: phosphate storage and shiploading terminal
consisting of:
  •   truck unloading stations;
  •   belt conveyor system;
  •   drag chain conveyors;
  •   bulk flat stores with shuttle conveyors and bag filters;
  •   two pipe conveyors (capacity: 2,000tph, length: 1,600m each);
  •   marine terminal with surge bins, jetty conveyors; and
  •   two rail-mounted shiploaders (capacity: 2,200tph each).
Netherlands: biomass handling and storage system consisting
  •   truck-unloading stations;
  •   drag chain conveyors;
  •   silo and silo extraction system; and
  •   air-supported conveyors.
This plant is part of the secondary fuel system for a coal fired
power plant.
Pneumatic unloader (this is the first order that was received for
a pneumatic unloader following the implementation of the
KOVAKO Technology at FLSmidth Wadgassen GmbH).
FLSmidth in Wadgassen has designed a combined shiploader
(part of a coal fired power plant in Germany) which is able to
handle dry and wet ash as well as gypsum, using state-of-the-art
An environmentally friendly feature of the Kovako’s mobile
unloaders is the fuel savings mode in which the diesel power
reverts to idle when high revolutions per minute (rpms) are not
needed. This can be compared with a motor vehicle idling at a
traffic light when it doesn’t need power. The innovation brings
fuel savings of 10–20%. The fuel saving mode impacts 80% of the
diesel-powered units Kovako unloader; the remaining 20% are
electrically driven.
FLSmidth is a major supplier of equipment and services to the
global cement and minerals industries. It is a global company
employing more than 10,500 people in more than 40 countries.
From plant design and project management to commissioning,
training and after market support, FLSmidth offers its customers
source for everything it takes to design, build and operate
profitable plants.
It is the vision of FLSmidth to be the partner of choice in the minerals
processing industry by providing technology based on world-class,
engineered solutions and performance enhancing services.
Over the years, FLSmidth has brought together internationally
recognized equipment companies and integrated a global workforce of
thousands that will deliver complete plant solutions and develop ingenious
products. With a wide range of products and product expertise in
one company, cross fertilization of, ideas from one discrete area into
another is facilitated by strong inhouse communication and shared
R&D with the aim of realizing and developing solutions for the cement
and minerals industry, today and in the future.