Above: Techsol Marine and Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch have collaborated on a first integrated project to maximize the efficiency of Canadian shipowner CSL’s new bulk carrier, MV Nukumi. (Photo credit: Steve Farmer, photographer) 
Canadian marine electrotechnology specialist Techsol Marine has teamed up with world-leading power electronics supplier Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch to further develop its smart electrical distribution system for ships.
As part of the agreement, both partners are committed to co-promoting a cutting-edge direct current (DC) distribution system for the North American market.
“We are happy to combine forces with Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch. Their ability to produce high-performance systems makes them a key partner in our journey to decarbonize the shipping industry. Their innovative technology is making a measurable difference in the conversion of marine systems to electric technology to reduce ship fuel consumption and thereby lower emissions,” said François Lessard, President and CEO of Techsol Marine.
“We are excited to work with experienced and capable system integrators like Techsol. We share a common vision for applying DC distribution to hybrid vessels to cut emissions and save fuel. It is great that Techsol has selected The Switch DC-Hub as its converter platform for these applications, and appreciates the value our game-changing products offer, such as the unique protection concept to ensure smooth ride-through operations. We look forward to fruitful cooperation, especially in Techsol’s market in North America,” said Miika Reinikka, division president and chairman of the Board of Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.
Proven partnership
In recent months, Techsol Marine and Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch have collaborated on a first integrated project to maximize the efficiency of Canadian shipowner CSL’s new bulk carrier, MV Nukumi. Techsol Marine was responsible for the total power management and integration of the electrical distribution systems powering the driveshafts. Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch provided the permanent magnet propulsion motors, The Switch DC-Hub, including the Electronic Bus Links (EBL) and Electronic DC Breakers (EDCB) protective devices.
This unique combination of technology and expertise is helping to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the MV Nukumi while reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to CSL’s previous vessel making the same voyages. One of the veteran crew officers commented that the vessel has the lowest vibrations he had ever experienced. MV Nukumi’s inaugural loading was completed in May 2022.
Decarbonization of marine industry
Techsol Marine’s engineering and integration expertise coupled with The Switch single drive and The Switch DC-Hub provide a future-proof solution for ship owners trying to reduce their environmental impact. Together, the partners offer systems that will meet both current and future operational energy demands on various types of vessels such as ferries, supply vessels, cruise ships and bulk carriers.
Comprehensive Integration
To offer its North American customers the most professional and timely service, Techsol Marine now provides system integration for The Switch components in North America. To accomplish this, Techsol Marine's team of professionals will be trained by Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch specialists in Finland.
Techsol Marine is a leading marine electrical and electronic systems integrator that provides safe, reliable and innovative engineering solutions.
Over the past 25 years, Techsol Marine has developed hundreds of high-performance electrical ecosystems for dozens of shipowners around the world. Today, more than 600 vessels in 35 countries are equipped with Techsol Marine products.
Techsol Marine specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of automation and control systems, electrical distribution systems, consoles and environmentally friendly technologies such as hybrid and electric propulsion. This expertise allows Techsol Marine to develop customized products adapted to the specific needs of each ship.
Techsol Marine’s success is based on its ability to offer innovative solutions, its extensive experience and the satisfaction of its long-standing customers.
Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch focuses on electrifying the world with game-changing green technologies. Our innovative electrical drive train products, capabilities and solutions convert energy sustainably, store energy effectively and consume energy responsibly. Today, we have over 22 GW of megawatt-class environmental energy technology delivered for leading energy pioneers throughout the world. We’re on a mission to enable more profitable power generation, energy storage and energy use while lowering the cost of electricity, operations and emissions.