The European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (EFIBCA, Bad Homburg, Germany) has announced that EU FIBC imports dropped in 2012 by 2.3% to €331m. In contrast, the industry total value in 2011 was €339m.

The news comes as perhaps a small jolt to the industry as ever since the deep economic slump of 2009, the numbers had rebounded in 2010 and made gains every year since. It remains to be seen whether the industry can find its way back to the robust results from 2008 of €358 m.

The drop of exports to the EU impacted the absolute production figures of the world's six largest exporting nations to the EU though Turkey managed to consolidate its stronghold as leading FIBC exporter to the EU with a small increase in 2012 with a supply share of about 40%. India was not far behind at 35% followed by China with 11%. Bangladesh and Serbia managed to hang on to their positions and remained at 5% and 3% respectively. Thailand lost market shares and fell out of the ‘top six’ list altogether.