“Mitigating the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on colleagues, the company and its customers is my number one priority” DB Cargo UK’s new CEO Andrea Rossi said today.
As he started the first full day in his new role, Andrea Rossi said that despite a sudden and significant drop in train orders during the pandemic, the company had demonstrated its resilience and continued to deliver industry-leading levels of service to its customers.
Over the past six months the company had announced several major contract wins with customers like Royal Mail, Drax and Tarmac, which he said would provide a solid platform on which to rebuild.
He said the company had also used its agility and innovative-thinking to launch a range of new services for customers despite stringent Government restrictions on social-distancing.
“We’re by no means out of the woods yet but we’re already seeing the green shoots of recovery in key markets like steel and construction. There’s no question that our diverse portfolio has been a strength that will see us through this,” he said.
Mr Rossi, who was appointed Chief Financial Officer at DB Cargo UK in 2013, said he was looking forward to taking on the wider responsibilities that come with being promoted to CEO and said he would take the first few months to work with the company’s key stakeholders to get a shared view of the new, post Covid-19 landscape for rail freight.
Source: DB Cargo UK