The FAMUR Group has over a hundred years of experience, and offers advanced engineering expertise, both of which contribute to increasing the efficiency and safety of its customers’ solutions.
The company develop high-performance and reliable machines and equipment, primarily for the mining industry, but also for transport, bulk material handling and power industries. The brand’s products are based on well-proven and intuitive solutions, which makes it possible to complete the most challenging projects worldwide. FAMUR’s solutions cover plants in Poland as well as in international markets. Its machines and technologies — such as longwall systems, road heading systems, underground and surface transport systems, open-pit mining machines, as well as equipment for mass transport and bulk material handling — are well known in many mines, ports and industrial plants on five continents.
It is worth noting that production of mining machinery is now something of a trademark of Polish expertise, which includes a great deal of new technology. The country’s products easily compete with other known brands around the world, in line with the Industry 4.0 trend.
FAMUR’s offering in the field of industrial services is comprehensive — from technological concepts, project financing, construction and industry projects, through to production and equipment delivery, construction and assembly, as well as overall process supervision. It also includes technical acceptance and obtaining legal and formal permissions. Thanks to the wide range and well-tailored offering, the group meets customers’ needs and can provide a complete mining system.
FAMUR also designs and delivers IT systems for managing the mining of coal. Cutting-edge diagnostics and monitoring, on the other hand, provide optimal operational monitoring and maintenance service for individual machines. The company also supports its customers 24 hours a day. All these ingredients make FAMUR a trusted partner for many customers around the world.
Recently the company has won significant contracts in Kazakhstan and Russia. This means that the FAMUR Group is present at customers’ premises in more than 40 countries, and the share of export in revenues is approximately 33%. At the end of 2018, the group has also signed a contract with Chinese partner — Shenhua Logistics Group Corporation Ltd. — for the supply of Mikrus, an innovative longwall system destined for difficult mining and geological conditions which allows for mining thin coal seams.
Following successes are only part of company’s new five-year strategy. The group wants to be a supplier of comprehensive solutions for the mining and bulk material handling sectors, and plans to significantly increase its installed machinery base in Poland and in foreign markets. It intends to steadily develop its aftermarket business while stabilizing the lease revenue. At the same time, it plans to expand its portfolio by offering high value-added services, such as predictive maintenance and diagnostic reporting, to ensure that more than 25% of the group’s revenue is recurring revenue.
“We believe that the ambitious strategic goals we have set for ourselves will allow us to become the preferred global supplier of end-to-end innovative solutions for the mining and bulk material handling industries. Expansion into foreign markets is one of our key engines of growth and should make it possible to gain half of our revenue in 2023 of export,” says Miroslaw Bendzera, President of the FAMUR Management Board.
Consistent international expansion, maintaining a strong position in Poland and offering end-to-end solutions that exploit technological innovation aren’t the only strategic goals for FAMUR. The group plans to significantly increase its presence on international markets within the next five years, so that by 2023 more than 50% of its revenue will come from exports. The company also intends to enter the rapidly growing hard rock mining business. This goal is to be achieved by acquiring a company with revenue between PLN 100m and PLN 200m and driving its further organic growth. The aim is to shorten the time of entering the market and exploit the synergy effect.
“We plan to acquire a company that is already on the market and support it with our solutions and technology. In turn, we would use its experience and facilities in the regions where we already operate today, e.g. Russia and Kazakhstan,” adds Bendzera. “By developing brand’s portfolio with innovative technologies, creating modern solutions and implementing them for FAMUR’s customers abroad, the company promotes the ‘Made in Poland’ brand across the globe.”
Source: Dry Cargo International