Euroports, a leading maritime supply-chain provider, has just completed a major job for a number of its key customers in Antwerp, loading to capacity the MV Salta, GMB Maritime Liner Services GmbH, at its Terminal 1207 at the Left Bank in Antwerp.

At the terminal, which has a storage capacity of 1 million tonnes, Euroports handles a large range of cargo types, from paper products to steel and other metals, wind turbines, and fruit. The challenge this time was to load all the cargo onto the MV Salta in time for its scheduled departure date, 25 September.

"This vessel has the largest draft of any that Euroports has ever loaded at this terminal", said Joeri Tielemans, the company's Commercial Director for Belgium and France. "That’s thanks to the new 18-metre- deep lock here in Antwerp, which we’re really delighted with, because it gives our customers so much more flexibility."

The loading operation passed off without any problems: when the SV Salta weighed anchor, bound for various ports in the Middle East and the Far East, it was at its maximum draft of 13.9 mfull and down. That meant it was carrying 53,000,000 kilograms 53,000 tonnes
Rate: 1 tonne = 1,000.00 kilogram
of cargo,
with a total volume of 64,000 m3. The cargo included 27,215,542 kilograms of steel slabs, 8,000,000 kilograms of steel coils, 20,000 m3 of cast-iron pipes, 6,000,000 kilograms of pulp in bales and reels and a few smaller shipments of steel.

Michael Koch, Managing Director at GMB, was pleased, but hardly surprised, that everything went as planned: "This was a big job, with a diverse cargo, but we knew we were in good hands with Euroports: over the years, they've built up a solid track record, safely and efficiently loading an enormous variety of goods bound for destinations across the globe."

Joeri Tielemans of Euroports sees the partnership with GMB blossoming in the future. "Our customers know we will handle their cargo expertly at port, and that it's in safe hands once it's aboard GMB's ships. We think we make a great team, so we're looking forward to strengthening our relationship with GMB in the months and years ahead."

About Euroports

One of the largest port infrastructure companies in Europe, Euroports develops, operates and manages global maritime supply-chain solutions for numerous international customers in various industry sectors. Each year it handles more than 50 million tonnes of bulk, breakbulk, liquid and containerised goods. The company's mission is to be the partner of choice in delivering the highest-quality solutions to customers in our target industry sectors.