Euroports offers more than 30 years’ experience in delivering maritime supply chain solutions for break-bulk clients, covering the industry specific needs of forest products, metals & steel, fresh & frozen food, renewal energy and special project cargos.
Break-bulk represents almost half of Euroports Group activities and is available to our clients in all operating countries - Belgium (inland and port terminals), Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy, Turkey and China.
Our services encompass terminal-related handling, storage and value- added services, such as container handling, RoRo, LoLo, complemented by global freight forwarding and customs clearance capabilities, and seamless hinterland connections by truck, barge and rail.
This year, Euroports is present at Break Bulk Bremen co-exhibiting with the ports of Antwerpen, Rauma, Rostock and Tarragona - recognizing the strong and long-term partnerships.
2017 has proven to be another positive year for Euroports, following the sustainable growth path of previous years. Continued investments in our infrastructural footprint and service capabilities are integral in delivering Euroports mission and to serve clients in a safe, compliant, and quality focused manner. Some key locations and projects further enhancing our break-bulk capabilities include:

  • Terminal TA1207 in Antwerp, Belgium, one of the largest break- bulk terminals in Europe with over 700,000m2 footprint, including a designated temperature controlled facility for fresh food
  • Euroports Rauma, Finland, expansion of the container handling facilities, including an extension of the port by the Port Authorities of Rauma 
  • Euroports Gaolan, China, expansion of the terminal operation 
  • Euroports Tarragona, Spain, increase of its storage capacity, one of the most important Mediterranean forest product hubs 
  • Euroports Rostock, Germany, extension of its storage capacity and equipment


About Euroports
Euroports, one of the largest port-infrastructure companies in Europe, and the only dry bulk and break-bulk specialist with a multi-regional footprint, develops, operates and manages global maritime supply chain solutions for international customers in various industries, handling over 60 million tons of bulk, break-bulk, liquid and containerized goods per year. It is Euroports' mission to be the partner of choice in delivering sustainable value to the clients. Euroports accomplishes this through 26 deep sea port terminals and a workforce of about 3,000 employees, offering a range of terminal handling and storage, as well as port-related value-added services, designated customer contract logistics solutions, combined with multi-modal global freight forwarding capabilities.