Euroports has developed dedicated and fully integrated logistics to handle BauMineral’s fly ash EFA-Füller. BauMineral is a market leader in Europe in the distribution of EFA-Füller, a primary product used in the cement industry. BauMineral choose Euroports Terminals in Antwerp as their preferred partner for the handling and distribution of its products. 

Euroports is one of Europe’s largest port operators. The company has a long standing expertise in offering tailor-made maritime and logistical solutions for all types of bulk commodities. Euroports bulk terminal in Antwerp has developed a fully integrated working method for the handling of BauMineral’s fly ash EFA-Füller. 

EFA-Füller is shipped to Antwerp via barges and discharged with a purpose-built installation which automatically transfers the product from the vessel into the warehouse.  The product is then stored and delivered by silo truck to end users in Belgium and the Netherlands.  The warehouse, the discharging and truck-loading systems are custom-made and 100% dedicated to BauMineral’s activities. An investment of 1 million euro in automation, guarantees that the handling costs are reduced to an absolute minimum. 

Daniel Ufermann, Technical Sales Manager at BauMineral states: “Antwerp is generally well located for our business in the Belgian and the southern Dutch market.  A good working flat storage is an ideal   alternative to a more expensive silo option.  One of our customers visited the warehouse and was positively surprised to see the Euroports installation. ‘It opened their eyes’, they said.   The flexibility Euroports offers at Antwerp with high unloading speeds, dedicated loading areas and the option to expand our business with big bags, paper bags and containers is a big plus to grow our company in the future.”   

As a result of the intense and close cooperation between the BauMineral and Euroports project teams, the operations are BENOR certified.  BENOR is an established quality label recognised by the construction industry. The label is awarded based on a very strict operational plan with detailed and well documented procedures.

The focus on partnership, safety and customer-satisfaction convinced BauMineral to work with Euroports.  Daniel Ufermann:  “We were looking for a strong, innovative and trustworthy partner for our logistical needs with a possibility of a long term business partnership.  Even more important, our search focused on a partner with a high understanding of industrial safety and environmental care.  At all times during our discussions with Euroports ‘safety, quality and customer satisfaction’ were put as a primary goal on the agenda.”

Rudi Hanot, Business Unit Manager Bulk for Euroports, confirms: “We took the time to develop and implement a service offer in full alignment with the customer’s requirements:  competitive, flexible and of high quality. 

I am proud of the strong partnership between BauMineral and our commercial, technical and operational teams.  The result exceeds our expectations and emphasizes our mission to be the maritime supply chain provider of choice to our customers.”