Euromec Srl is a major manufacturer of electrohydraulic equipment to handle all different types of bulk material.
The company has 60 years’ experience and a highly knowledgeable technical department, and it is continuously
developing its technological abilities. It is thanks to this that it has developed an extremely innovative equilibrium crane, totally developed in Italy.
The crane is unique in the speed of its operation handling all types of materials, and the number of uses to which it can be applied.
Because of its counterweight balance system, the crane is extremely versatile and productive. It is also considerably cheaper
to run than other cranes of the same capacity, as it needs much less energy, saving money and the environment.
With over half a century serving all the main industries and some of the largest groups worldwide, Euromec boasts the
necessary experience to cope with most of the demands of its customers, and can offer hundreds of products.
Euromec pays close attention to the needs of its customers. Its considerable knowledge of the materials handling business means that it has a presence in some of the most important ports and plants in the world.
Euromec believes firmly in offering reliability and after-sales service. Furthermore, all of its equipment is built according to the most modern technologies, made with the best available materials, the best steel and with all the automations possible. These all make it possible for its equipment to work 24 hours a day, as well as in extremely hot environments such as those
in the production of clinker. Its machines have minimum downtime for repair and maintenance.
During the planning process when it is developing its products, Euromec pays particular attention to ‘simplicity’, in order to keep production costs low as well as to improve the final quality of its products and reduce maintenance to a minimum. In this way, it can offer its customers an economical product which is reliable, long-lasting and low-maintenance.