ETE GROUP — founded in 1936 and currently the largest and most experienced Portuguese group operating in Portugal in the maritime economy — has been serving Cape Verde for over 29 years through its ship-owner Transinsular. The group recently announced, at the Cape Verde International Fair (FIC), its decision to increase significantly its presence in the country as well as new investments in due course.

Lui´s Mira de Oliveira, board member of ETE GROUP and in charge of the Cape Verde affairs, revealed “During FIC we met with Government officials, where we reaffirmed our commitment to invest in the country, giving our contribution to the recognition of Cape Verde as the Hub for West Africa. Therefore, we declared our availability to build joint solutions that may combine an integrated and structured vision of port operations, inter-island and regional maritime transport, together with logistics and shipbuilding.”

Regarding port operations, ETE GROUP is currently completing the establishment of ‘ETE Cabo Verde – Operac¸o~es Portua´rias, Lda,’ with the purpose of submitting a proposal for the operations management of the ports of Praia, Mindelo, Palmeira and Sal Rei — whether in direct competition, as a consortium, or as according to any other model specified by the government of Cape Verde — that would bring advantages to both parties.

The new shipping company offers a pioneering service from Cape Verde to the world.

ETE GROUP has just established ‘Transinsular Cabo Verde – Transportes Mari´timos Insulares de Cabo Verde, Lda’, a new shipping company. Currently it is the only shipping line meeting all requirements for cabotage and international maritime transportation in connection with nearby Atlantic markets.

Additionally, the group is currently concluding the transfer of its vessel Ponta do Sol to this new ship-owner, which will operate under the Cape Verdian flag. This vessel is certified and classified to inter- national standards, and meets all require- ments to sail in international waters, thus enabling ETE GROUP to offer a service that is a first in the market, from Cape Verde to the world.

The ETE GROUP Board Member explained that “this operation is quite relevant to the development of our activity in Cape Verde and it was made possible because we have our own vessels, thus meaning investment capacity and not depending on chartered vessels. We made this decision because we believe in the Cape Verdian economy and trust the coming future.”

ETE GROUP has over 80 years' experience in maritime economy and technical expertise from its two shipyards in the port of Lisbon involved in domestic and international projects, that can be transferred to CABNAVE, contributing to the company's development.

De Oliveira commented, “We have also acknowledge to the Ministers of Finance and Economy that we are totally committed to the CABNAVE concession — or any other public-private partnership that the Government may decide upon — a fundamental support sector for reinforcing Cape Verde in the Atlantic region.”

Transinsular, ETE GROUP ship-owner, upgraded its ’A´frica Expresso’ service from 1 October 2017, currently the most competitive in the market:

  • The only regular direct service (without transshipment), sailing every ten days, connecting Portugal (Leixo~es and Lisbon)/Canary Islands with Praia, Mindelo, Sal and Boavista.
  • The shortest transit time in the market — Portugal/Cape Verde in five days.
  • The fastest maritime export solution of goods from Spain to Cape Verde — from Galicia via the port of Leixo~es or from other regions through Las Palmas. 
  • The only service offering a regular direct connection between Portugal, Sal and Boavista.
  • With own local logistics agents and operators — Praia, Mindelo, Sal and Boavista.
  • Service operated with own ships, equipment and crew.

Miguel Paiva Gomes, Transinsular CEO, highlights that “the A´frica Expresso service optimizes both cargo transport solutions to Cape Verde from Portugal and Spain and those to Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania and the Canary Islands. In addition, it consolidates Transinsular's position as the preferred fish export partner to Europe, ensuring the connection between those markets and Northern Europe, Baltic states, Mediter- ranean and Asia, among others.”

ETE GROUP solution for inter-island cargo maritime services delivers domestic and regional economic agents competitiveness, regularity, flexibility and reliability. Therefore, promoting suitable logistical solutions in line up with intermodality that contribute to the development of local economies.

In this area, ETE GROUP (through its ship-owner, Transinsular) has a broad level of experience in shipping cargo in Insular markets — Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands.

De Oliveira states that “we want to enter into a long-term commitment for providing the inter-island service. We are convinced that the A´frica Expresso service, provided by our ship-owner Transinsular, has the added value to potentiate the inter-island service and, consequently, to drive commercial exchanges between the various islands, benefiting from economically efficient solutions that suit the needs of each client, each market and its communities.”
He adds, “although the core of our shipping operation is the cargo, we are available to build a partnership with other players to include passengers. In Portugal, we manage and operate a Ferry service in Aveiro, for passengers and cars.”
Finally, de Oliveira shares, “We foresee Cape Verde as a market where we can add value and where ETE GROUP can develop its core operations (Port Operations, Maritime Shipping, Logistics and Ship Building and Repair). Additionally, the fact that we speak the same language contributes to build lasting and trusting relationships.”

The ETE GROUP, founded in 1936, is the largest Portuguese player in the economy of the sea, integrating the six main areas in the maritime sector — Port Operations, Inland Transport, Shipping, Shipping Agents, Logistic Operations and Naval Engineering, Shipbuilding and Repair. ETE GROUP comprises more than 40 companies: owns Transinsular, the largest Portuguese cargo shipping company; is the Iberian leader in inland water transport of goods, being the only company to move cargo between ships and barges; in Portugal, it is the largest operator of port terminals and is at the forefront of companies moving solid and liquid bulk; is the market leader in shipping agency in Portuguese ports; offers door-to- door multimodal logistics solutions, com- bining shipping, railway, air and road of national and international scope, provides also cargo consolidation services and has a large experience in project cargo; in addition, is an international reference in engineering, naval repair and shipbuilding, offering also technical management services of ships and crews. Its Inter- national presence with own operations is spread through five countries (Colombia, Uruguay, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Portugal), of three continents.

Transinsular, the largest Portuguese maritime trading company founded in 1984 — and held by GRUPO ETE since 1999 — has a significant presence in the auto- nomous regions of the Azores and Madeira, where it assures the public service, comprising regular shipping connections of both archipelagos with Portugal, inter-island cargo transport in the Azores and inter- region cargo transport between Azores and Madeira. In what regards international shipping services, Transinsular connects with regular lines Portugal to the Canary
Islands, Africa (Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania), Northern Europe, Baltic countries, Mediterranean and Asian countries. For specific markets and projects, the company provides specialized transportation of cement, fuels and solid bulk. The logistics solutions it offers exploit the efficiencies of intermodality by integrating maritime, air and road transport on a national and international level. Through its network of agents ensures the transport of goods to and from any part of the world. Additionally, it provides cargo consolidation services.


In Portugal, ETE Group holds two shipyards located in the heart of Port of Lisbon, for maintenance, repairs and building of naval crafts and vessels. The shipyards, with a total area of 50,000m2 and 30,000m2, are certified and comply with high quality, environmental and project management standards. They take cargo and cruise ships up to 170m LOA, tug-boats, pontoons and other floating equipment. Turn-key services are offered, using qualified labour, modern naval repair processes and technologies. The infrastructures include: four dry-docks, three slipways, two working piers, lifting capacity and workshops for electricity, piping, carpentry, boiler, mechanics, painting and others. International clients account for 55% of ship repair activity.