Tunnel conveying system for iron ore.
TAIM WESER specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of tailor-made solutions to meet the industry challenges of today with tomorrow’s technologies.
The company has been in business for 120 years, and the experience that it has gained enables it to provide its customers with the most advanced equipment. This includes heavy duty and durable engineered belt conveyor systems for bulk materials.
The conveying process plays a major role in the sequence of bulk materials handling. The properties of the material itself — and the type of installations to be supplied — require in-depth knowledge and experience in the design of conveying systems.
TAIM WESER’s extensive experience in the calculation, design and manufacture of a large number of installations, for which it is renowned worldwide, enables it to always offer a very safe and efficient solution for the main industries such as oil & gas, nuclear, steel, fertilizers, ports and mining.
The company’s bulk materials conveying systems are found in the five continents, in refineries, power plants, industrial areas, stockyards, mines, ports and even the desert. Conveyor lengths vary from a few metres up to tens of kilometres, fitted with the latest technology, control, braking and regeneration systems, and with capacities of up to tens of thousands of tonnes per hour.
TAIM WESER supplies fully integrated conveying system solutions, from the engineering, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning to the after-sales service and spares. Its systems are individual specialized items of equipment to complete turnkey installations, which make up all of the main elements and auxiliary equipment, providing its clients with a customized solution to meet all their needs.
In the preliminary stages of the projects, TAIM WESER’s customers appreciate its collaboration and expertise as a technological solutions provider, so it is able to assess and suggest the best solution to meet their needs in the most efficient way. Through its engineering team, TAIM WESER supports its customers with its extensive expertise, enriched through the decades. In this way, it can arrange with its customers a satisfactory, advantageous and state-of-the-art design at the earliest project stage.
3D model of overland belt conveyor. 
In addition, TAIM WESER is aware that the global trend in the digital and virtual world has also found its place in the bulk materials handling and conveying industry, so it is at the forefront of this world. It is therefore able to provide its customers with advanced solutions in terms of automatic devices and 3D models in order to improve their installations as well as virtual reality and Augmented Reality solutions to support them all along the operation of the installation.
TAIM WESER also designs, manufactures and supplies heavy duty and durable engineered conveyor pulleys, which are developed and produced in-house according to the requirements and specifications of each project. The manufacturing process is performed with the greatest precision, in accordance with main international standards like ISO, DIN, FEM, CEMA quality construction processes and dustproof & waterproof construction, to provide a reliable working equipment in different heavy industrial environments.
TAIM WESER manufactures its conveyor pulleys by rolling a thick steel sheet and welding or by empting a solid bar, depending on sizes and the client’s specifications. Pulleys are closed with cast steel end disk hubs and inner shafts fitted with their locking devices for installing bearing supports/gearboxes later on.
The manufacturing process includes thermal treatment for stress release and balancing (static or dynamic) in accordance with the expected working speeds.
TAIM WESER’s range of supply includes all possible pulleys installed in belt conveyors, as drive pulleys with lagging, return pulleys without lagging, take up pulleys without lagging and inflexion pulleys without lagging.
It has designed and manufactured pulleys for a great variety of belt sizes (400mm up to 5,200mm) and diameters (from Ø220 to Ø1,600mm). It is also capable of designing and manufacturing larger and customized pulleys. TAIM WESER’s conveyor pulleys have different laggings: smooth grooved rubber in different hardness ranges and patterns, ceramic lagging, hot/cold bonding etc... , in accordance with the related technical and environmental requirements and working conditions.
It is able to provide pulleys with pillow blocks and bearings for different configurations, depending on the requested specifications. They can be supplied with different sealing types and makes, as well as with the related greasing systems, in accordance with the related technical and environmental requirements and working conditions.
Downhill belt conveying system for limestone. 
Currently, TAIM WESER is supplying several bulk conveying system projects around the world, including a new refinery project in the Middle East. Here, the company is supplying a belt conveying system with 4km length and 1,500tph (tonnes per hour) of capacity, to transport solid sulphur from the stockyard domes to the wharf. The scope of supply includes the design, manufacture and supply of the conveying system, as well as two circular domes, two stacker and scraper reclaimer machines and a luffable and slewable shiploader, together with the related firefighting system, dedusting system and auxiliary equipment.
Also in the Middle East, TAIM WESER is developing two new projects that include overland belt conveyors of about 2km length and 1,850tph capacity for one of them, and 4.5km length and 4,200tph for the other, for the transport of copper ore from the crushing plants to the storage stockpiles of the mines
Finally, in Asia TAIM WESER is supplying two new projects with high-capacity bulk conveyor systems for transport and loading of coal into wagons and trucks at coal handling terminals.