Brake thrusters are crucial components in the braking systems of harbour crane systems and container gantry cranes when it comes to safety. Huge investments and, most importantly, human lives depend on brake thrusters working reliably.

For more than 70 years, EMG in Wenden, Germany, has been producing brake thrusters that have been setting standards with their safety and durability. More than two million of these brake thrusters are now in use worldwide, and EMG is a major global presence with its brands ELDRO® and ELHY®.

Over the course of time, the brand name ELDRO® has become synonymous with brake thrusters, but ELDRO® is only present where EMG is the manufacturer of the brake thruster. The ELDRO® slogan,“The Original. Be safe.” emphasizes the high quality standard.

ELDRO® and ELHY® brake thrusters are used to ensure the safe operation of crane systems and container gantry cranes of harbour systems across the entire world. A system failure can have not only serious financial consequences, but also implications for the safety of employees and on the system itself. Crane builders and system operators therefore need brake thrusters to be ‘100% fail-safe’; in other words, completely reliable, and EMG brake thrusters meet this requirement. This creates a basis for fast, safe and trouble- free cargo handling at a large number of ports across the world.

EMG brake thrusters are particularly reliable and fail-safe due to their proven, purely mechanical operating principle without electronics or electrically operated valves. This design has further benefits: both the cost of maintenance and wear are low, and the brake thrusters can be repaired quickly in the unlikely event that a fault should occur.

Decades of experience in the development and construction of brake thrusters and the high quality standards that are expected of products that are made in Germany ensure that the EMG ELDRO® and ELHY® brake thrusters can handle even the extremely high demands of port systems. The ELDRO® brake thruster was even used as a template for drafting the current SEB 602471 (1988) and DIN 15430 (1989) standards.

In addition, the product diversity appears unlimited. EMG promises that virtually every lifting device on the market could be replaced with ELDRO®/ELHY®. The cost of installing these devices has also been minimized over the course of 70 years of constant development. And this development is far from over. During this year, EMG will introduce a new model range under the product names ELDRO®dynamic and ELDRO®digital to meet growing customer requirements. Further information on this new model range, its additional customer benefits and unique technical features will be published shortly.

EMG will be exhibiting its products at TOC Asia, which will take place in Singapore from 24–25 April. There, visitors will be able to view the new ELDRO®dynamic and ELDRO®digital model ranges live for the first time ever.

EMG Automation GmbH, a company of the elexis group, is a highly respected supplier, due to its

technological competence in the core area of regulation systems as well as quality assurance in automated manufacturing processes. Fields of application are fast-running continuous production processes in the metal and especially in the steel industry. The product portfolio includes, besides quality assurance systems, strip running regulators. The EMG group has its own factories as well as sales and service offices in Germany in Wenden, Oschersleben, Bielefeld, Leopoldsho¨he and Hallbergmoos. International offices can be found in: Gerona,Spain;Verrie`res Le Buisson, France: Saronno, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; Elmhurst, USA; Madison, USA; Twinsburg, USA; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Osaka, Japan; Mumbai, India; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Bangkok, Thailand; as well as Australia.

EMG is an official member of the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA), an international association of harbour equipment and technology manufacturers.