The LH 26 M Industry Litronic mobile material handling machine meets the requirements of the Stage IV/Tier 4f emissions standards and represents the Liebherr series of small material handling machines. It is extremely robust and powerful, making it ideal for use in material recycling and scrap recycling.

The LH 26 M combines comfort, perfor- mance and reliability. The machine also boasts trend-setting fuel efficiency whilst simultaneously offering high load bearing capacities and large working ranges.

The operating weight of the material handling machine is between 24,200 and 24,500kg, while the turbo-charged four- cylinder diesel engine with charge air cooler delivers power of 115kW/156HP at 1,800rpm to ensure lower consumption and greater efficiency. In combination with a higher pump delivery volume, the increased engine power (in comparison with the predecessor model) results in a greater material handling output. This is also positively influenced by the load- sensing control system, as this makes it possible to easily overlap movements.

A maintenance-free oxidation catalyst combined with Liebherr SCR technology takes care of exhaust gas treatment. A diesel particle filter is not needed in order to meet the Stage IV/Tier 4f emissions standards but is available as an option if

desired. The generator system is driven via a double belt for high operational reliability. The direct transfer of force of the engine torque thus achieves a higher level of efficiency. The optimized belt guidance ensures a long service life.

Intelligent machine management with Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) ensures the perfect interplay of the drive components in terms of efficiency. This enables machine operation in the range of the lowest specific fuel usage for lower consumption and greater efficiency with the same performance.

The service-oriented layout of the machine guarantees short maintenance periods and minimises the associated maintenance costs thanks to the saving in time. The daily maintenance points can be conveniently accessed from the ground and are easy to reach thanks to the large and wide-opening service doors. In addition, with change intervals of 1,000 hours for the engine oil and up to 8,000 hours for the hydraulic oil, maintenance costs are significantly reduced and thus the productivity of the handling machine is increased.

The large radiator with large meshes ensures optimum cooling performance even when being used in recycling processes that generate high volumes of dust. For quick and easy cleaning, the closely meshed safety guard can be pulled out and the fan can be removed. The machine can also be fitted with the new recycling package, which ensures high machine availability even with extremely high levels of dust. The recycling package includes the reversible fan, the air pre-filter with dust discharge and the separate position of the air-conditioning condenser.

Precise work and maximum material handling output require the machine to be secure and fixed in position. The large support width and the lever geometry between the mono boom and lift cylinder on the LH 26 M Industry Litronic enable high load bearing capacities and are perfectly adapted for handling, unloading and sorting all types of materials, general cargo and bulk goods.

The newly developed Liebherr operator's cab boasts added comfort. It is impressively spacious and features an ergonomic design, therefore offering the best conditions for healthy, concentrated and productive working.

Large glass panels, standard joystick steering, various types of cab elevation systems plus rear- and side-area monitoring give the operator an optimum view over working area and the area around the machine at all times.This perfect overview ensures the operator's safety and efficient handling of the machine.