"Our life is aluminum" – in keeping with this motto, the company Biewer Industrie GmbH based in Hilden takes care of the recycling and treatment of waste metal. Central to this process are two SENNEBOGEN 818 electric material handlers which sort and load the materials and supply the processing facilities.

"Modern recycling has to be green" – this is clear to Caroline and Frank Biewer and, as well as being green, the issues of energy efficiency and reduced emissions must be considered. All this can be readily achieved using the modern electric material handlers from SENNEBOGEN. At Biewer the main material undergoing further processing is aluminum, in all its shapes and sizes. The recycling company has 60 years industry experience and its services range from separating composite materials, to sawing up coils or compressing and bundling scrap metal. The two mobile electric material handlers are used everywhere in the business.

Economic and quiet - electric material handlers inside the plant

Just 100 kWh are required by the new SENNEBOGEN 818 Mobile in the current e-series, delivered by sales and service partner BRR in September 2016 (on average per day). This low energy consumption was one of the decisive purchasing criteria, as confirmed by company management. In addition, the electrical drive makes operation inside the plant considerably more straightforward according to Biewer. Lower background noise during everyday operation, the absence of additional ventilation and exhaust systems (which are can be dispensed with due to the clean electric technology) and lastly also lower consumption and maintenance costs are the most significant benefits of the electric material handlers which SENNEBOGEN, with its extensive experience, has now been producing for over 30 years.

The new material handler offers operators a pleasant working environment because noise emissions and vibrations are considerably lower when compared with previous diesel machines. But that is not all, the newly designed Maxcab is also an attractive feature. A comfortable seat, ergonomically arranged instruments and newly modeled swivel joysticks create the ideal conditions for focusing on work. The adjustable cabin is a valuable addition to safety by improving visibility for the operator; it can be raised up to 2.70 m, for instance, to give an unrestricted view of the baling press.

The new electric material handler has an attachment measuring over 10 m in length with reversing mechanism for the attached sorting grab. The mobile undercarriage is particularly robust, equipped for continuous material handling with strong 36 metric ton axles and a large support base offering 4-point outrigger support for guaranteed stability. A quiet electric motor supplies 90 kW power and is connected to the supply network via a cable drum and 25 m cable length. The cable drum offers optimal maneuverability during driving and makes moving the machine between plants and sorting locations very straightforward.

"Thanks to the material handler's electric drive, working in the plant hall has become more pleasant for all employees. The benefits are less noise, no emissions and lower vibrations. In keeping with our company philosophy, the investment in a second truly green SENNEBOGEN electric material handler is securing our future in terms of high-performance and efficient material handling." Caroline and Frank Biewer - managing directors of Biewer Industrie