E-Crane International has announced a commercial representative agreement for Latin America with Ingeber SRL in Rosario, Argentina.

After receiving training at the E-Crane facilities in the USA, Ingeber will also be able to offer E-Crane’s existing and future clients technical support. Ingeber will be responsible for the marketing and support of E-Crane products in Argentina and the region of influence. The contract was signed by Steve Osborne and Steve Suter on behalf of E-Crane and Germa´n Bertolo of Ingeber SRL.

This agreement clearly reflects E-Crane’s desire to have a greater presence in the region. The partnership with Ingeber reflects -Crane’s commitment to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions in the handling of bulk materials to its potential customers. 

The CEO of E-Crane Steve Osborne, said: “We are very pleased to have Ingeber as our partner in South America. Germa´n brings a strong technical background and experience in the unloading of barges, a key market segment in the important regions of the Parana´ River, the River Uruguay and Plate River Basin.”