Delivery of 4 Revolver® spreaders helps Transnet Port Terminals commit to its sustainability agenda and reduce dust.

Following the introduction of Containerised Bulk Handling at Port Elizabeth Container Terminal (PECT) in South Africa, Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) placed a repeat order with RAM spreaders of 4 units of the RAM Revolver® bulk handling spreader.
TPT handles large volumes of bulk exports annually at its Port Elizabeth Container Terminal and recently employed containerised bulk handling. The terminal invested in 4 units of RAM Revolver®, to help them service their base of customers better.
Flexible Approach & Clever Use of Capital
Containerised Bulk Handling (CBH) allows for easy handing of bullk materials with a simple spreader change on the cranes. The cost of the CBH system is a fraction of the cost of new bulk loaders.
Speaking at the handing over ceremony of the Revolver’s, RAM Spreaders Cameron Hay commented “Since the first order of Revolvers In PE more than 5 years ago the CBH system has grown significantly. These new revolvers will allow TPT to ensure environmental compliance”
A Route to Market for Miners
Mining companies are now able to find an new route to market using CBH for exporting bulk through standard container terminals, which until now has only been possible with heavy investment and an expensive infrastructure.
Clean & Green
PECT is located near to the main town of Port Elizabeth and like all cities dust is a sensitive issue.
The Containerised Bulk Handling system, using a hatch misting system is the greenest loading system in the world with zero fugitive dust emissions. It achieves this through a 2 pronged method:
1. The Revolver® adds very little energy to the bulk material as it tips at the very bottom of the hatch.
2. A hatch based dust suppression system mounted on the hatch, which stops any small amount of dust from rising up.

Local CommunitySupporting Local School

RAM Spreaders & Transnet Port Terminals are both socially aware companies, who as a result of the bulk handling project, are helping to support the local community by employing a number of local technical staff and provide training programs to help further their skills in this new technology.

The local Green Apple Pre-school close to the Port Elizabeth Container Termninal is also benefiting from the new project, with RAM & TPT helping to subsidise teachers and provide funding to help the school add three new classrooms. This will allow more children in the area to receive a decent foundation education and in turn help the local area continue to prosper.